Pink Eye Makeup Tutorial

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Among the different eye makeup trends, currently pink is the seasonal favorite.Being a very dear color to most women, you can sport the pink eye look and ensure to be a show stealer.

For all those who think wearing pink is boring, well they wouldn’t have experimented enough, because pink is a color that can blend with different shades and if worked around with precision and right technique, you are bound to get the perfect hot pink eye make up look.

Products Needed for Pink Eye Makeup

  • Primer And Concealer
  • A Light Pink Eye Shadow
  • A Bright Pink Eye Shadow
  • A Kohl Pencil
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • A Highlighter Eye Shadow
  • False Lashes(Optional)

Pink Eye Makeup Tutorial

Step 1

Eye Makeup tips

Your first step should always be priming and concealing of the eyes and under eye area. While priming helps the eye shadow stay longer ensuring the colors show more intensity, concealer on the other hand will help make the under eye area bright and conceal the dark circles or spots (if any). Remember, for those with oily lids, primer is a must as it keeps oil away from eyelids for a long time.

Step 2

pink eye makeup tutorial

Apply a thick line of a creamy kohl pencil or a black cream eye shadow on the eyelid, ensuring that the line is thicker on the outer edge. Now, smudge it upwards to decrease the intensity, where you can choose the intensity as per you preference.

Step 3

eyeshadow makeup kits

smokey pink eye makeup tutorial

Apply the vibrant pink eye shadow on the outer edge of the eye, as it is being applied over the black base you may need to apply a denser layer than normal to make the shadow seem intense. Make sure you don’t miss out on the shadow for the above the crease region, apply this shade from the middle of the lids to the outer edge and if you can, extend it outwards.

Step 4

pink eye makeup looks

eyeshadow makeup palette

Apply the light pink eye shadow on the inner 1/3rd of the eyes usingan eye shadow brush, ensure you start from the inner corner and work towards the outer corner.

Step 5

Take a blending brush and blend the two shadows together to get rid of all harsh lines.

Step 6

Take a bit of the dark pink shade on a pencil brush and apply it under the lower lash line extending it to 2/3rd part inwards and connect it with the outer upper part of the shadow .

Step 7

Apply the highlighting shade with a fluffy brush on the brow bone;and using the same shade on the inner corner of the eyes with a small pencil brush or a Q-tip will make the eyes pop.

Step 8

pink eye makeup tips

Apply a thin line of eyeliner, and you can create a flick if you wish to. However, I kept it simple to make it suitable for a casual wear. Also, line the inner rim of the eyes with a thin line of kohl.

Step 9

Curl your lashes and apply a generous coat of mascara for a finished look. Alternatively, you could add some fake lashes if you like to add more drama. Regardless, you must always remove the fallouts and clean them or else the look remains incomplete.

pink eye makeup

pink eye makeup for blue eyes

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