Kajol Inspired Eye Makeup – Tutorial With Detailed Steps And Pictures

Effective tips to follow if you want your eyes to do the talking like her eyes do.

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Love looking like a gorgeous film star? How about doing makeup like the classic kohl beauty – Kajol? The actress has donned the Bollywood industry with her dusky glowing skin and lustrous sexy eyes. Want to try her look? But, not sure how to start nor end? Don’t worry, we have got the kajol inspired eye makeup look in just 5 simple steps for you today!

Stepwise Tutorial Of Kajol Eye Makeup:

Follow the below mentioned steps to get the kohl rimmed eye makeup look like Kajol. Let’s begin the makeup tutorial now.

Step 1:

Step 1 of Kajol eye makeup

Start by applying an eye primer and then apply a taupe colored brown creamy eyeshadow base to your eyelids. This step will ensure that your eyeshadows doesn’t melt or crease off easily in the hot summer climate. Here, I have used the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to Bronze.

Then, apply the same taupe brown eyeshadow over the cream base to increase the intensity of the color. Here, I have used a soft shimmery taupe color eyeshadow from the Elf Day on the Beach eyeshadow palette. Use a flat eyeshadow brush to obtain maximum color pay off in this step.

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Step 2:

Step 2 of Kajol eye makeup

Apply a matte plum-like brown color to the outer V of the eye to give a smokey look. Start by placing the eyeshadow in an angle connecting the lash line to your eye brow and then softly blend the eyeshadow with a blending brush. Do not over blend it and take it inside, but restrict it only to the outermost corner of your eyes. Here, I have used a matte plum brown eyeshadow from the Elf Day on the Beach eyeshadow palette.

Step 3:

Step 3 of Kajol eye makeup

Thickly line your upper lash line with a creamy black gel or Kajal pencil. This step doesn’t have to be neat as we will be blending it out softly later. Here, I have used the Lotus Herbals creamy Kajal pencil to line the lash line. Then, lift your upper eye socket gently and tight-line your eyes with the same Kajal pencil to give an illusion of thicker lashes. Do not use a strong smudge proof Kajal formula for this step as it will set quickly and it will make it difficult for the formula to blend easily.

Step 4:

Step 4 of Kajol eye makeup

Apply the same matte plum brown color to the crease softly with a light hand using a blending brush. Concentrate the color maximum in the outer corners of the eye and gently pull it inward. Here, I have again used the matte plum brown eyeshadow from the Elf Day on the Beach eyeshadow palette.

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Step 5:

Step 5 of Kajol eye makeup

Line your waterline and lower lash line with the same creamy Kajal to give a smokey look to the eye makeup. Here, I have used the Lotus Herbals creamy Kajal pencil again. Then, use a pencil or a smudge brush to even out all the harsh edges of the Kajal to create a similar soft smudged kohl look, which Kajol sports. Then, apply a soft shimmery highlighter to the inner corners of the eye and softly blend it out. This step will highlight your eyes and open it up more. Here, I have used the Revlon Shadow links Eyeshadow in Sand. Then, apply lots of mascara to give a voluminous lash effect.

And you are done!

Guess we all wish to have eyes like the talented Bollywood diva Kajol! Her eyes always do the talking, and one cannot help but get smitten by those dream-like eyes that she is blessed with. So, if you, too, are obsessed with her eyes, take your inspiration from this article on Kajol eye makeup and get ready to mesmerize the people around you. Smudging is the key, so remember that. And get yourself suitable tools to create that perfect smudged eye look. It is time to stand out from the crowd, so get, set, go!

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