How To Apply False Eyelashes – Easy Tips

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Long, luscious lashes make everything better. They make your eyes look wider and more open (much like Bambi) and immensely enhance the beauty of your peepers. As women, most of us would love that added touch of femininity and glamor, wouldn’t we? Well, if you aren’t lucky enough to have naturally fabulous eyelashes, you can always opt for the perfect pair of falsies, a mascara, or even eyelash extensions. There are so many options, ladies! If you want to learn how to apply false eyelashes the right way, read on to know more.

Why Wear Falsies?

If you don’t believe in the power of falsies for that night out or your Sunday brunch, let me tell you why you need to give them a shot!

  • They are perfect for emotional events like weddings or when you’re going to watch that sappy rom-com – because you don’t want your mascara running down your cheeks.
  • You can choose from a variety of materials like mink, plastic, or human hair – mink being the priciest of all. But if you prefer a more natural look, you can always choose human hair.
  • They are a great way to help strengthen your real lashes. How? Well, you won’t need mascara (which is known to weaken your lashes) – you’ll instead get the best of both worlds.
  • Because a full feline looking strip can add a lot of drama and boldness to your look. And we all need that boost now and then!

Putting on falsies can be tricky at first but, with enough practice, it can get easier than applying mascara. If you’re a beginner, here’s a simple tutorial on how to apply false eyelashes in just a few steps.

How To Put On False Eyelashes

What You Need

1. An eyelash curler
2. Mascara
3. Eyeliner
4. Tweezers
5. False eyelashes
6. Eyelash glue
7. A pair of scissors

Step By Step Tutorial With Pictures

1. Curl Your Lashes And Apply Mascara

The first step is to curl your eyelashes because most of us have lashes that point downward. When the falsies are flickering up, you will be able to see a disconnect. To avoid this, it is best to curl your lashes and apply mascara beforehand. Wait for it to dry before moving on to the next step.

2. Trim And Customize Your Lashes

How To Apply False Eyelashes - Trim And Customize Your Lashes
Image: Youtube

Use a pair of tweezers to lift the lashes out of their packaging. False eyelashes need to be customized to fit well. Measure how much you need to cut off. Remember – less is more. Start off by cutting very less from the outer corner, so you don’t end up ruining the shape and prettiness of your lash.

3. Apply Your Falsies

How To Apply False Eyelashes - Apply Your Falsies
Image: Youtube

Find a lash glue you like best or just use the one that came with the falsies. Carefully apply it to the band, all the way across. You don’t want to go overboard with the glue – just a little is enough. Now, wait for about 10 seconds and air your lashes around a little, allowing the glue to become tacky. This is going to make it way easier for you to put them on.

Lay the inner corner on first, and lay the rest of the strip following the shape of your eye. Once it is in place, use your fingers to give them a gentle pinch so that your real and false lashes blend together.

4. Finish With Mascara (Optional)

How To Apply False Eyelashes - Finish With Mascara (Optional)
Image: Youtube

If you want a more natural-looking finish, you can add a little mascara to blend your falsies with your real lashes properly. You can also tightline your upper lash line using a black eyeliner pencil.

Here’s the final look!

How To Apply False Eyelashes - Here’s the final look!
Image: Youtube

Now that you have a fair idea of how to put on your fake lashes, listed below are a bunch of hacks that will come in handy. Whether you want an expert application or want to know how to clean and store them safely – it’s all down here!

Tips And Precautions: Applying False Lashes Perfectly And Maintaining Them Well

  • Make Sure Your Lashes Are Curved

It is important to add a curve to your eyelash strips because this allows them to form the shape of your eyes. To do this, wrap your lashes around a big makeup brush before wearing them.

  • Customize And Trim Your Lashes

It is also crucial to measure and customize the lashes according to the shape of your eyes. If the lashes are too long or wide for your eyes, you can trim the excess.

  • Mirror Placement Is A Huge Factor

When it comes to achieving the perfect falsies application, mirror placement makes a world of difference. Place your mirror flat on a surface with your elbows on either side to allow you to look down into it.

  • Stack Two Different Eyelash Strips Together

If you want a fuller and more dramatic look, you can stack two lashes to add more volume and dimension to your eyes. For instance, stack two different shapes – fuller ones with longer outer edges go well with full criss-cross lashes.

  • Make Sure Your Glue Is Sticky

The tackier the glue, the better it sticks to your lash line. So, always wait for about 30 seconds after applying adhesive to the lash bands before putting them on.

  • Remove Your Falsies The Right Way

To remove your false eyelashes, use a Q-tip with an oil-free makeup remover. This will prevent damage to your natural lashes. Once you take them off, use a little bit of coconut oil to get rid of the residual glue on your natural lashes.

  • Clean Your Lashes When They Are Dirty

If you want to clean your falsies, use hot water and a drop of mild shampoo and gently rub the lashes together. This will help dislodge the mascara, dirt, and glue accumulated on them.

  • Invest In An Eyelash Applicator

There are eyelash applicators sold in the market that will make your life easier. They firmly grip the lashes without causing any damage to them and help you get super close to your lash line.

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Ladies, wearing a set of falsies will instantly amp up your look. But you need to have a proper understanding of how to wear them right. That was our take on how to apply false eyelashes. We hope this article helps you achieve that glamorous look with ease and perfection. If you have any hacks or go-to techniques when it comes to false lashes, share them with us in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply false eyelashes without glue? What can I use instead of eyelash glue?

You need some kind of glue to make your lashes stick to your eyelids. However, if you prefer not to use glue, you can opt for adhesive lashes. These types of lashes already come with a sticky edge, so you can directly place them on top of your natural lashes.

How can I tell if the glue is dry?

Right after applying the glue, it’ll appear white. If you wait for a while, you will see it slowly becoming transparent, and it will feel sticky when you touch it. Once this happens, the glue is dry enough, and your lashes can be applied.

Can you use regular glue for fake eyelashes?

Use only the glue that comes with the fake lashes because regular glue can cause an eye infection.

How long do fake eyelashes stay on?

This purely depends on the type of activity you are doing. If you’re not doing anything sporty, they usually stay on for a good 8-9 hours.

Will false eyelashes damage your natural eyelashes?

No, they will not damage your natural lashes unless you remove them the wrong way or pull them off with force.

Is it safe to wear false eyelashes every day?

Yes, it is safe – provided you completely remove the glue at the end of the day. However, it is good to give it a break sometimes. Your natural lashes are beautiful too!

Can I reuse the same fake eyelashes again and again?

Yes, that’s perfectly fine. However, if there’s too much glue build-up and you’ve had the lashes for too long, it’s time to buy a new pair.

Will false eyelashes stay on while I am in bed?

Don’t do this! Always remove your makeup before going to bed.

How can I clean false eyelashes without a makeup remover?

It is strongly recommended to use a makeup remover to clean your lashes.

Do I put mascara on before putting on the fake lashes?

That is up to you, but I apply my mascara before doing it.

Do fake eyelashes cause styes?

Yes, they can. If you do not remove the glue properly, the sticky substance can attract bacteria and cause an infection or styes.

What are the side effects of donning artificial eyelashes?

As mentioned earlier, the glue can trap particles and cause infections if it is not removed properly. So, please make sure to remove the glue completely.

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