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Looking at our reflection in the mirror day after day can get boring—no matter how much you love yourself! There is a good reason why little children love to play dress up. We adults do too and we just call it makeup! But why should we try the same makeup for years? If you are looking to try something fresh and different this season, how about trying a Chinese eye makeup? Chinese women are known for their elaborate eye makeup and dainty features. Now you can try the same look without spending your hard earned money at an expensive salon. This makeup will work across most eye types and the eye shadow colors can be tweaked according to your preference. This step by step tutorial will help you get the best of Chinese eye makeup.

Chinese Eye Makeup Tutorial:

Let’s start the Chinese eye makeup tutorial!

Step 1:

Conceal your dark circles with a heavy duty concealer. This step will lift your eye makeup and give a stronger definition. Here, I have used the Kryolan Derma Camouflage Concealer to hide and lighten my dark circles.

Step 2:

towards the eye makeup

Next, let’s move towards the eye makeup. Fill your eye lid area with creamy nude kohl. This step will help in brightening the eye lid area and hide all the pigmentation. If you have fairer eye lids then you can skip it. This step needn’t be neat as we would be smudging it later. Then apply a soft shimmer white or silver eyeshadow over the eye lid area. Here, I have used a light silver eyeshadow from the Elf Day on the Beach eyeshadow palette.

Step 3:

hot pink eyeshadow

Apply a medium matte hot pink eyeshadow to the crease area and softly blend it out. Do not over blend it as we are trying to achieve a stronger crease look. Here, I used the Lakme eyeshadow in Pink Wink.

Step 4:

nude cream colored kohl pencil

Apply a nude cream colored kohl pencil to the waterline of your eyes. This step will help to create an illusion of bigger and fuller eyes. Here, I used the Oriflame kohl eye pencil in nude shade. Follow this up with a purple plum shade applied to the outer corner of your eyes. Softly blend it out with the pink eyeshadow. I have used the Lakme eyeshadow palette in Tanjore Rush to get that perfect look.

Step 5:

Chinese eye makeup

The stronger winged look is the most dominant feature in the Chinese eye makeup. To get that look, use an old card to conceal the outer wing of the eye in a slanted line shape. Use the same concealer, which was used in the under eye area.

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Step 6:

Draw a strong slanted line connecting the outer corner of the eye to the center. I have used the Kryolan Liquid Liner in Black to create this dramatic winged line. The angle of this eye liner can be changed to suit your eye shape, but always remember to keep it in a sharp angle to offer a Chinese touch.

Step 7:

Draw a strong slanted line
Draw a pointed small end on the inner corner of the eye using the same black eye liner used in the previous step.

Step 8:

inner corner of the eye

Apply false lashes and curl your eye lashes with mascara to complete the Chinese eye makeup look.

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And you are done! Wasn’t it simple to get this fresh Chinese eye makeup in just 8 steps? When you see those beautiful Chinese models, you will definitely take time to believe that you could get the same look with minimal effort, right?

Changing the way you look does not always involve plastic surgery! Bring out the child in you and enjoy some ‘dressing up’ with this Chinese eye makeup tips. The end result will be anything but amazing!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Do try it at home and share your experience with us in the comments section.

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