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Kanji is an interesting way to write your name in Japanese style. These usually have no recognizable meaning.  Selecting the correct character having proper meaning is very important in kanji style.  These tattoos are mystical and look stunning. Tattoo experts throughout the world are using kanji language to make beautiful designs and art works. They are after all among the most demanded these days!

The Best Kanji Tattoo Designs

1. Imaginative kanji tattoos:

kanji tattoos designsColourful Kanji tattoos accompanied by other eye catching designs are a brilliant idea. Being colourful they are easily acceptable by many. Though the word written is not understood, its colourful artwork makes it attractive.

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2. Old kanji tattoos:

kanji tattoos for womenLooking for old designs? Old kanji designs have become very famous these days. These tattoos are easily understandable and worn by many tattoo lovers.

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3. Complicated kanji tattoos:

complicated kanji tattoosAre you in love with big extra-large tattoos? These kanji tattoos have Japanese words and big designs which make your tattoo look bigger and attractive. These tattoos are usually made at the back of your body or hands.

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4. Simple kanji tattoo:

simple kanji tattoo Want simple and small tattoos? Simple one letter kanji tattoos have also become very famous. These small letters tell a lot about your personality, attitude, mood and need. These are usually made at the back of your neck or other private areas.

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5. Love kanji tattoos:

love kanji tattoosKanji tattoos which contain Japanese words – “love” are also very famous among teenagers. These tattoos are accompanied with other mesmerising designs which may be related to love.

6. Flowery kanji tattoos:

kanji flower tattoosFond of flowery tattoos? Kanji words accompanied by flowers, branches and leaves are a very nice idea to attract people. These tattoos are very striking and famous among many tattoo lovers.

7. Symbolic kanji tattoos:

kanji symbols tattoosSymbolic kanji tattoos are never a bad idea. These tattoos represent a number of English words such as happiness, love, music, drum, honesty, clever, father, mother, poison, thanks, blood and guts, madman and many more. This is the best way to express emotions but remember that these are permanent in nature and will always remain the way they are.

8. Kanji tattoos with nature elements:

kanji tattoos symbolsBoys and girls are getting kanji words inscribed in a flame design or a volcano design. These tattoo designs are a combination of kanji and nature elements. These designs are worth watching and captivating.

9. Kanji designs showing commitment and promises:

kanji designs tattooKanji designs showing commitment and promises between two lovers are a nice idea. It is a nice way to explain your love to your partner and even satisfies your urge to get a tattoo. Both you and your lover can get kanji tattoos printed which tells something about your relationship.

10. Calligraphy kanji:

calligraphy kanjiHave a fascination for calligraphy? Kanji designs along with calligraphy are the best combination. These designs need lot of patience. Designers give calligraphy brush strokes and even play an important role in inspiring you.

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