10 Ways Winter Is Ruining Your Skin

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Staying indoors with a warm cup of hot chocolate, a good book, and some lovely scented candles lit in your room. Doesn’t that sound just comforting? With Christmas and New Year around the corner, I’m pretty sure you’re busy planning and running errands. Amidst all this, your skin is fighting a tough battle. Read on to see exactly how.
  • 1. Chapped Lips

    Come the winter season, and you are greeted with dry and chapped lips. Not only are they uncomfortable and painful, but they also aren’t very appealing to look at. A simple hydrating lip balm will keep your lips well moisturized.

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    2. Scaly Looking Hands

    This is one of the most visible concerns during the colder months. We tend to take hot showers when the weather is cold. While this may feel extremely comforting, you don’t realize that this is stripping even more moisture from your body. Due to the lack of moisture, you may notice that your hands are starting to look scaly. You can prevent this from happening by taking warm showers instead of hot ones, and using a good moisturizer such as the Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion by Himalaya.

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    3. Pimply Face

    Dry weather, by itself, can be a boon to those with acne-prone skin, but it can also come back to bite you during this time of the year. Winters are the time when you cuddle up and relax with comfort foods that have a high glycemic index and spike your sugar levels. This causes hormonal fluctuations, which leads to the production of oil. So, if you have oily skin, please make sure to continue with your regular CTM routine.

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    4. Lifeless Skin

    The warm summer glow of the warmer months is gone! All of that wonderful vitamin D you soaked up in the summer reduces considerably, and this makes your skin look dull and lifeless. Using an appropriate moisturizer and following a proper skin care regimen are important during this time to combat this issue.

  • 5.-Dry-And-Itchy-Legs
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    5. Dry And Itchy Legs

    The lack of moisture in the air in winter directly affects your skin. Since the air during this time of the year is dry, the skin tends to become quite dry and leads to a lot of itching. But, please refrain from scratching yourself. This will only further damage your skin. The Himalaya Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion would do a good job of providing the moisture that your skin requires and keep the skin healthy.

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    6. Dry Cuticles

    During the winters, the skin around our nails and the cuticles tend to become extremely dry. When this happens, the area tends to peel and doesn’t look very appealing. Since our fingers are always exposed and are quite visible to everyone, it becomes an issue. You wouldn’t want to sign an important contract and risk coming off as someone who doesn’t look after herself, would you? Impression is everything these days. A bit of the Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion by Himalaya will work wonders for your fingers and cuticles.

  • 7.-Skin-Redness
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    7. Skin Redness

    We are constantly exposed to fluctuating temperatures in the cold months due to the cold weather outside and the heaters inside. This constant switch can lead to broken capillaries and result in skin redness. It can also lead to extreme dryness. A way to combat this is to use a moisturizer in the shower.

  • 8.-Cracked-Heels
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    8. Cracked Heels

    This is a common problem that occurs during all seasons, but it increases exponentially during winters due to the dry atmosphere. Use petroleum jelly and always keep your feet moisturized. Another tip is to wear slippers, even at home, so that there is less contact with the cold floor.

  • 9.-Dry-Elbows
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    9. Dry Elbows

    You will understand and agree when I talk about try elbows and knees. These areas tend to become dry and cracked. They look absolutely ghastly when not moisturized properly. Somehow, we tend to miss these spots. A heavy moisturizer, such as the Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion, would do well in providing nourishment to these areas.

  • 10.-Peeling-Skin
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    10. Peeling Skin

    Skin peeling is common in winters, especially if one has dry skin. During the cold season, due to the dry nature of the atmosphere, the skin can tend to get extremely dry and start to peel. I find that this happens to me on my fingers during the winters. A simple remedy would be to use an oatmeal scrub while in the shower and then use a thick moisturizer.

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