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We express ourselves in million different ways – we talk, we sing, we show emotions. Some of us express with art – paintings, graffiti and more. The best way of expressing oneself with not a word is probably by the tattoos that we get inked on us.

Here is a lovely list of the best of the cloud tattoos out there. Read on to see them all.

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Cloud Tattoo Designs

1. Green Blue Clouds Tattoo:

This is one of the most popular cloud tattoos out there. The combination of just two colors and the stars makes it a fantastic tattoo.

2. Line Art Cloud Tattoo:

Line Art Cloud Tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

How would you like a super simple tattoo – just a cloud with the drops of water? A black tattoo has probably never been this sweet and adorable!

3. Abstract Cloud Tattoo:

abstract cloud tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

How about an outline of clouds for a tattoo? Would you like it? I would. The clouds seem heavy though they are light. J This tattoo is so perfect for a fuss free person.

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4. Clouds and Starts Full Arm Tattoo:

Starts Full Arm Tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

Stars in clouds are always amazing, aren’t they? I love how this tattoo, being so wide, still manages to be simple and free of complication.

5. Thunder Cloud Tattoo:

thunder cloud tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

Would you like a cloud resulting in a thunderstorm for a tattoo?  The black, the yellow, the green and the red make it oh-so-interesting.

6. Mustache Cloud Tattoo:

Mustache Cloud Tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

What I like about this tattoo is that, the cloud has a mush of its own. That takes the cuteness factor notches higher. This is best suited for somebody who has a flair for fun and humor.

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7. Weather Clouds Tattoo:

Weather Clouds Tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

We all know what the clouds contain, don’t we? To name a few – the thunderstorm, the rainbow, the gloomy weather, the starts that play hide and seek and more. Depict them all on your arm with this lovely tattoo.

8. Rain Filled Heavy Cloud Tattoo:

Rain Filled Heavy Cloud Tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

One cloud and one dagger of light complete this tattoo. When you want to express it all in one go, this is what you should be getting inked with. I love how comical this tattoo is, even when it is about a bolt of lightning.

9. Abstract Cloud Tattoo:

abstract cloud tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

The clouds in the very peculiar color of teal, the sun and the warmth- all together add a fantastic touch of personality to this tattoo. You can get it inked across your arm and let the Sun fill your days with brightness.  So everywhere you go, you take your own sunshine. The pink adds in some contrast as it is combined with the teal.

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10. Clouds and Umbrellas Tattoo:

Clouds and Umbrellas Tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

Let’s bring our own umbrellas for the rainy weather now, shall we? These cutesy clouds with the rain drops on the umbrella are such beautiful reminders of the rainy season. The simplicity of it all is very obvious and pretty.

11. Clouds and Cup Tattoo:

Clouds and Cup Tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

Now this is a genius tattoo, in my opinion. When it rains, let’s store the drops. This can be seen as a life lesson – when you have a rainy season going on in life, learn from it and store the lessons in your memories. The cup has its own value too – notice the little flowers on it. All in all, this is a very adorable tattoo.

12. A Rainy Night Tattoo:

Rainy Night Tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

The fierce thunderstorm on the arm, who has the dare to get this tattoo inked? This is a very strong choice for a tattoo of a cloud.

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13. Cloud and the Happy Man Tattoo:

Happy Man Tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

The Chinese Monk in the clouds tattoo is believed to bring good luck and charm into life. The golden hue adds in the warmth and glow. The detailing is done well, giving all due attention to the minute ones too.

14. Musical Cloud Tattoo:

Musical Cloud Tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

A musical cloud tattoo is probably the best of both worlds combined into one. This will probably be the favorite tattoo to a lot of people. The clouds are a beauty in themselves and adding in music, the soul of life to many of us, this tattoo is definitely worth undergoing the hurt for a little while. What do you think?

15. Hearts and Cloud Tattoo:

Hearts and Cloud Tattoo
Image: Viapinterest

Imagine a cloud that rains love? Or hearts? The world would be more of a loving place, and have less of pain. I can’t still get over the cuteness here.

Source: Which is your favorite tattoo? Why? What makes you want to get one inked on you? Shoot a comment and let us know!

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