50 Animal Themed Nail Art Designs To Inspire You

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For doing nail arts, we can get inspired from anything – from pets to runway fashion. The inspiration is everywhere and you just have to choose the right one. Here we are sharing 50 such amazing nail arts which are inspired by animals.

Flaunting animal themed nail art shows your wild side and it also depicts your love towards the animals or your pets. When we talk about animal nail art tutorial, it includes anything from leopard print nail arts to hello kitty or even the recently trending angry bird nails. There are many techniques which you can use to get animal themed nail art like themed nail art stickers, nail wraps, water decals or 3d stick ons. All of these are easily available in the market these days.

So let’s begin with the list of animal print nail art designs.

1. Leopard print nails:

leopard print nails designLeopard print nails look very pretty and can be done when you want to show your wilder side. They are very easy to make. If you want to get the above look, first paint your nails in white and do ombre using different colours. Let it dry and then add leopard print. Apply top coat and you are done. You can also stamp this print over ombre nails.

2. Neon leopard prints:

neon leopard print nailsNeon leopard print nails look fabulous in summer. To get this look, just paint your nails white and add some random dots in different neon shades. Now outline the neon dots in “c” shaped strokes with black color and add few random black spots here and there. Apply a topcoat.

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3. Zebra nails:

zebra nails designsZebra nails look awesome when done properly and with precision. You can do this by painting your nails white and adding black crooked lines on it. You may stamp or use water decals too. This is an animal prints nail art that looks super chic when done right!

4. Tiger nail art:

tiger nail artTiger print nails look very wild and eye catching. You can paint this nail art similar to the zebra nails. The only difference is – add brown gradient effect to make it more realistic.

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5. Giraffe prints:

giraffe print nailsGiraffe print is the easiest print to do on your nails. Just paint your nails brown and make outlines in random hexagonal shapes using yellow color. Also there are so many stamping plates that have giraffe print, you can use these too.

6. Cow nail art:

cow nail art designCow print nails can be achieved by drawing random shapes on white or light brown base. They are easy to do and look amazing.

7. Butterfly nail art:

butterfly nail art designsButterfly wings printed nails look amazingly feminine and attractive. You can do them in any color you like and over gradient nails. They look awesome in spring. There are many indie stamping plates available in this design. You can use them to stamp it if you are not good at drawing precise lines.

8. Snake nail art:

snakeskin nail artTo get this look you can paint your nails in metallic grey or brown nail paint and let it dry. After it dries completely, put a fishnet on your nails and sponge it with black color here and there. Remove the fishnet and apply a top coat.

9. Snake nail art in pink:

snake nail art in pinkYou can do snake nails in pink too for feminine touch.

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10. Mix and match animal print nails:

match animal print nailsYou can mix and match different animal prints to get some amazing nail looks.

11. Neon leopard print:

neon leopard print nailsYou can draw neon spots leopard print on one side of your nails to get this funky and playful look.

12. Multi print nails:

multi color cheetah print nailsGet this amazing look by adding patches of different animal prints on one nail.

13. Leopard and zebra nails:

leopard and zebra nailsTo get this look, add light brown and white gradient on your nail. Then make leopard print on the brown part and zebra print on the white part of your nail.

14. Zebra stripes:

zebra stripe nailsThis nail art looks a little tough but it is in-fact quite easy to do. For this just paint your nails black and add zebra stripes with white and blue.

15. Leopard print:

leopard print nailsIf you don’t like full manicure with leopard print, then you can go with accent nail manicure as above.

16. Leopard variation:

leopard variationsThis is a variation to the previous manicure. Leopard print is so versatile that it looks awesome in any color and it is one of the favorite prints of nail technicians.

17. Leopard again:

leopard nailsYou can do leopard print nails like above by painting your nails with two colors half and half. Now add glitter dots and outline your nails in “c” curves and add a few random spots with black color. Add one rhinestone in the centre of your nail near the cuticle. Top coat your nails.

18. Studded zebra nails:

studded zebra nailsYou can add rhinestones to your animal prints to make them blingy.

19. Panda dots:

nail ideas 2012You can make some amazing eye-catching looks using animal prints as above.

20. Ruffian animal print:

Ruffian animal printYou can be little creative and can do amazing animal ruffian look as above.

21. French tips:

animal prints nail artYou can make beautiful French tips with different animal prints as shown in the above picture.

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22. Shiny zebra nails:

Shiny zebra nailsShiny zebra print over matte base. To get this look first paint your nails with matte black color and then add zebra stripes using your top coat. And you are done.

23. Giraffe nails:

Giraffe nailsThis is amazing variation of giraffe print nails. You need to have good hands in drawing giraffe for getting this look but with little practice you can get it right.

24. Lady bug nails:

ladybug nailsLady bug nails are very easy to do and look very cute in spring. For this you first paint your nails in red and add black tip and a line to divide your nails into two parts. Now add a few black dots for the spots and white dots for the eyes.

25. Colourful lady bugs:

colours of ladybugsYou can make lady bug nails in different colors also. You can do each nail in different color as well to convert your manicure into a colorful one.

26. Butterfly nail art:

butterfly nail art You can add beautiful butterflies to your nails. Butterfly nails look fabulous in spring/summer. If you don’t have the skill to make butterflies free hand, then you can opt for stickers, water decals or stamping plates.

27. Bumblebee nails:

bumble bee nailsThese look very refreshing in spring/summer. To get the above look, just paint your nails in yellow and add three black lines. Then, make white and black dots for eyes.

28. Bumblebee nails 2:

bumble nailsThis is the variation to bumblebee nails. You can paint your nails in yellow. Then draw a little bumblebee on your middle finger and draw its flying path using black dots across ring finger and pinky.

29. Teddy bear nails:

teddy bear nailsThey look cute and very chic. Just draw a teddy bear on all your nails or do accent nail according to your wish.

30. Teddy bear nails with paw prints:

teddy bear nail artYou can add paw print nails along with teddy bear to get this amazing nail art look.

31. Panda nail art:

panda nail art designsPanda nails are done quite similar to the teddy bear nails but with black and white color. They look very cute if done neatly.

32. Panda nails:

panda nailsIf you don’t like drawing pandas on all your nails, then you can opt for doing one accent nail  and doing other nails with dots.

33. Hello kitty nails:

hello kitty nails designsThis is one of the favorite nail look of almost all the nail art lovers. To do your nails in hello kitty designs, you will find many stickers, decals, stamping plates and nail wraps. You can draw hello kitty free hand too.

34. Cat nails:

cat nails designIf you are cat lover you can go for this easy to do cat nails. To get this look, make a white rounded tip for the face and add two small triangles for the ears. Now draw two black dots for the eyes and one for nose. Draw mouth and mustaches of the cat. Do polka dots on all other nails. Top coat your nails to seal in your design.

35. Elephant nails:

elephant nailsYou can draw elephant on your nails for fun.

36. Monkey nails:

monkey nailsYou can also paint monkey on your nails.

37. Dog paw print nails:

dog paw print nailsYou can show some love for your pet dog by painting your nails with paw prints and bone.

38. Peacock nails:

peacock nails designThese look amazing, beautiful and very colorful. You need few colors to draw them and voila you are done. You can also use feather decals to get the look.

39. Angry bird nails:

angry bird nailsYou can draw the angry bird on one nail, and do French manicure on other nails with red line.

40. Angry bird nails2:

angry bird nail artYou can draw all the birds and piggies from the game on your nails to get the above look. In case you are not good at painting free hand, then you can use stickers and decals of angry birds to get the look.

41. Free bird nails art:

bird nail art

You can draw black silhouette of the birds on nude base to get the above look. You can flaunt this type nail art to show the free spirit side of your personality.

42. Love bird nail art:

love bird nail artThis love bird nail art looks very appropriate to show your love for someone or to show that you are in love with someone.

43. Owl nails:

owl nailsFrom the past year and half, owl nails have been trending among nail art lovers. You can draw owl on one of your nails and put polka dots on others to get the above look.

44. Colorful owl nails:

colorful owl nailsYou can also draw owls in different colors on all your nails to get a colorful look as shown above.

45. Baby chick nails:

baby chick nailsThey are good for Easter and quite easy to do. First paint your nails with yellow color, then add black and white dots for eyes. Make a big orange dot for the beak. You can add a white zig -zag tip to show the egg shell or add orange feet.

46. Frog nails:

frog nailsThey look cute and lovely if done neatly and precisely.

47. Rubber duck nails:

fish nails artThey look cute and very pretty. You don’t need many skills to get them right on your nails. They look awesome if you are going for a baby shower.

48. Fish nails:

rubber duck nails

Colorful fishes on blue base nails look very pretty and cute. They look very chic if you are going for a beach party or some water related activity.

49. Shaun (the sheep) nails:

shaun nailsThey look very cute on blue or any colorful background. You only need dotting tools to make them on your nails.

50. Bunny rabbit nails:

bunny rabbit nails

This animal nail art look very nice on Easter. Bunnies on nails look cute and quite easy to make.
Hope you got inspired by above animal themed nails. Do share your feed back with us in comments below for these animal nail art.

50 Animal Themed nail art ideas

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