Top 10 French Tip Nail Art Designs

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Having perfectly manicured nails is easy as long as it is well groomed and healthy. Nothing can beat a clean, crisp manicure!! Do you agree? When we are talking about manicures, French manicures strikes your head. French manicures are a very popular choice for manicures. They look very classy and are among the top most choices for working women who cannot wear funky nail arts to work.

However over time French tips have undergone radical change and now they are no more boring or plain white as before.

Top 10 French Tip Nail Art Designs

Here are our top 10 French tip nail art designs. Have a look!

1. Creative Sequined French Tips:

French manicures can be done in different fashions. Some new classy trends of creative French manicures are being seen more and more. You can draw up the French tips in blue after a base coat and follow up some nice patterns of ferns with white. Finish off with silver sequins. Put a top coat to preserve the design. Try it out!

2. Air Brushed French Tips:

2. Air Brushed French Tips Nail Art Design
Image: source

You can try out air brush French nail tips which actually last quite long from a good nail parlor. With air brush techniques and the available stencils any design can be creative easily and quite effectively. Will you hop into an airbrush nail parlor before your wedding?

3. Water Decal Designer French Tips:

3. Water Decal Designer French Tip Nail Art Design
Image: source

French tips usually are with a white tip but you can add your own flavor by changing the colors. Use a black tip for a change with a black polish. Put on some star water decals and give it a rock star look. French tips are no longer that boring, are they? So will you try something like this?

4. Duo Colored French Tips:

4. Duo Colored French Tips Nail Design
Image: source

Like the previous French tip design, you can try out a design with 2 colors. Use a color with ombre finish or rainbow finish and add a black French tip to it. This will look very fashionable. If you cannot get an ombre finish nail polish then try sponging 2 colors for this type of look. Use a purple and green to sponge and create the top and use black to finish off.

5. Stamped French Tips:

5. Stamped French Tips Nail Design
Image: source

Stamping is an easy way to create designs. Draw up your French tips in normal light skin pink and white. Now for a single finger stamp out a floral stamping design with special white polish for stamping. Cover the designs so created with a nice top coat.

6. French Tips in Leopard Print:

6. French Tips in Leopard Print Nail Art Designs
Image: source

You can try this type of a funky French tip design with an ombre finish tip in black and silver and uneven circles to create the French tip look. Try this out. It’s actually quite easy to do.

7. Glittering French Tips:

7. Glittering French Tips Nail Design
Image: source

You can demarcate the French tip section in a French manicure with a line of glitters. Use a line of transparent polish with a nail art brush and then pat loose glitters over it with a fan brush. You can also use a glitter striper to draw this kind of a French tip nail art.

8. Free Hand French Tips:

8. Free Hand French Tips Nail Art
Image: Imaca source

If you are good with free hand drawing then you can draw up a designer French tip with acrylic paints. Use some rhinestones which will make the whole look come alive but without being too much over done. You can try this out for a bridesmaid party too.

9. Airbrushed Nail Tips For French Nails:

9. Airbrushed Nail Tips For French Nails
Image: source

As mentioned earlier, you can get gorgeous nail arts with air brush machines. These are generally not available for retail sale. However, if a good nail art parlor is using the proper stencils and air brush machines then you can get beautiful nails like this in color easily. No more white French tips.

10. French Tips On Matte Nail Polish:

10. French Tips On Matte Nail Polish
Image: source

Matte nail polishes are a new trend. You can try out something like this one. Try a matte black polish or use normal black polish but above it use a matte effect transparent coat to make the nail polish turn matte. These are special matte transparent polishes. Now use a normal black polish with shine on the top for the tips. Do not use a top coat.

Hope you liked our article on top 10 French tip nil art designs. Which one is your pick? Please leave your feedback in the comments below.

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