10 Wedding Updos That You Can Try Too

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Wedding up do hairstyles are a huge favourite among new brides these days. They follow the latest chignon or bun hairstyles and adorn them with floral hair accessories .These hairstyles look very stylish and adorable for weddings.

You would need medium to long length hair for these wedding updos, if you don’t have the length, you can opt for false buns.

Here are Top 10 Wedding Hair Updos:

1. The Twisted Chignon Look:

Try out this hairstyle for your pre or post wedding ceremonies to snatch the crowd’s attention. Get some professional hairstylist’s help for the perfect up do. Add some decorative floral hairpins to look even more beautiful.

2. Pin Curl Up Do:

Pin Curl Up Do
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Take a professional hairstylist’s help for trying this pin curl bun up do best results out for achieving this beautiful hair style. You need to have a good length and volume of hair for trying out this look. Else you can also go for false Buns with such pin curls if you are lucky to manage one.

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3. Loose Side Pin curls Bun up Do:

Loose Side Pin curls Bun up Do
Image: Getty

Try out this Bun up do which is simple with the loose side Pin Curl touch. You can use a nice Floral or feather hair pin for that touch of extravagance.

4. Braided Milk Maid Bun Up do:

Braided Milk Maid Bun Up do
Image: Getty

This milk maid bun updo is easy as long as you can get some good hands to help you in this one with. It’s a simple tight bun with a braid.

5. Tight up Twisted Chignon with Side Parting:

Tight up Twisted Chignon with Side Parting
Image: Getty

To get this look you should get a professional’s help and also you should keep handy hair fixing sprays, some shine serums and also some extravagant looking hair accessories.

6. Bangs with a Dual Bun:

Bangs with a Dual Bun
Image: Getty

This is one of the best wedding updos for long hair that can be tried for your wedding. You surely need a professional hairstylist’s help and also a good length of hair. However you can try this one with some false buns as well. Cut your fringes in advance from a good parlour.

7. Twisted up do:

Twisted up do
Image: Getty

This is a twisted up do where sections are clipped and made to run from one side to another neatly. Stick on some floral hairpins randomly and complete the look.

8. Conch Shell up Do:

Conch Shell up Do
Image: Shutterstock

Try out this sweet and cute looking conch shell up do which looks good even with your traditional ghagras and you can adorn it with a dashing maang tika too.

9. The Half up Half down Bouffant Up do:

The Half up Half down Bouffant Up do
Image: Shutterstock

Try out this amazing Bouffant up do with some professional help. The bow do is a stand out. Use some extraordinary stone studded hairpins to accessorize the bow.

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10. Side Twisted Floral Bun Up do:

Side Twisted Floral Bun Up do
Image: Getty

Don’t miss trying this hairstyle for your wedding. Team it up with a big floral hairpin or a stone studded hair pin .It will change the whole look of your traditional outfit keeping it urban yet being extravagant. Take a professional hair stylists help.

Here is a wedding hair updo tutorial for all you girls! Check it out and leave your feedback. Don’t miss on to try these wedding hair updos.

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