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Known as Mumbai’s retirement home, it is only natural that male and female pattern baldness is rampant in Pune. The people of Pune, just like the people of Mumbai are a stylish and trendy lot .However sometimes baldness is irreversible and cannot be restored with any other method except surgical hair transplants. This list of the top ten hair transplant pune clinics and specialist should be able to enlighten you further if you are looking for the services of an efficient hair transplant surgeon.

Centers For Hair Transplant in Pune:

1. Dr. Batra’s:

With a nationwide presence, Dr Batra’s is a super specialty chain of clinics that is hard to beat. With an extensive background of homeopathy treatments for hair and skin ailments, the experts at Dr. Batra’s have moved on to newer surgical procedures such as hair transplant and have grown exponentially since. Survey the official Dr. Batra’s website for your very own Pune outlets. This definitely the center for the best hair transplant in pune.

2. Adhi India:

With multiple outlets in almost all major cities to boast of, the Adhi chain of cosmetic treatment clinics has taken a fair share of the cosmetic surgery and beauty treatments market. Using the methods of Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplant for hair transplantation, Adhi has achieved much success in Pune and other cities.

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3. Skin City India:

Skin City India is perhaps one the largest aesthetic dermatology chain founded by Dr. Niteen Dhepe. With multiple outlets across Pune and franchisees in 16 districts of Maharashtra and Karnataka, Skin City has over twelve years of experience in hair and skin surgery and beauty treatments. By means of Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplantation Surgery, the experts at Skin City have attained much success and fame in the field of hair transplantation.

4. Dezire Hair Transplant Clinic:

Dezire Hair Transplant Clinic is presided over by Dr. Prashant Yadav who is veteran in the field of hair transplant surgery with high credentials and an equally high success ratio. Dr Prashant is well versed in all methods of hair restoration including FUE, FUT, BHT and Biofibre. It’s only fair that you book an appointment to know more.

5. Natural Hair Transplant Clinics:

This chain of hair transplant clinics across India has a presence in Pune that is indispensable. With many years of experience and a high success ratio, Natural Hair Transplant Clinics are a welcome addition to Pune’s cosmetic surgery industry. Go through the website to find the experts from Natural Hair Transplants available in Pune.

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6. Dr. Shailesh Doshi:

This veteran in the field of hair transplant surgery is also a dermatologist, immunologist, cosmetologist and homeopath. Excelling in many fields of medicine, Dr Shailesh is an expert in hair transplant surgery with a high success ratio and many years of experience.

Address: 404, 4th Floor, NK Image, Tilak Road, Pune

7. Richfeel Trichology Clinic:

This chain of cosmetic surgery clinics is known for excellence and innovation. The in house experts proficiently carry out hair transplant surgery using Follicular Unit Extraction method for safe and effective procedures.

8. Perfect Hair Transplants:

With outlets in Mumbai, Delhi, Indore and Pune, Perfect Hair Transplants are veterans in hair transplant surgery in Maharashtra. With over 15 years of experience and an impressive success ratio, Perfect Hair Transplants, run by Dr Amitabh Shrivastava and Dr Ruchi Shrivastava is a family owned business that places much importance on client needs.

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9. Asia Institute of Hair Transplant:

With a high success ratio and many years of firsthand experience in hair transplant surgery, Asia institute of Hair Transplant is a well known name in Pune. This state of the art clinic is well equipped to perform safe and effective hair transplant procedures.

Address: Karve Statue, Near AB Naturals Ice- cream, Kothrud, Karve Nagar, Pune MH 411029

10. Dr. Parag B. Sahasrabudhe:

This veteran hair transplant expert has worked with renowned cosmetic surgeons from Chicago and California in the United States and Chelmsford in the United Kingdom. Specializing in Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplantation, Dr Parag is a force to reckon with.

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