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Kerala is well-known for its cultural affinity to traditional Ayurvedic treatments for the skin and hair. However, when hair loss and premature baldness reach a certain extent very little can help except for hair transplantation. These experts and hair transplantation facilities are giving Keralites hope when all other options to regain lost hair have been tried just to meet with constant failure.

Facilities And Specialists For Hair Transplant in Kerala:

1. Dr Hari Menon:

This veteran hair transplant expert has worked with renowned cosmetic surgeons from all over the country and abroad, and is working as an independent hair transplant surgeon for many years now with a high success ratio and many satisfied patients to boast of. Specializing in Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplantation, Dr Menon is a force to reckon with when it comes to hair loss treatment in Kerela.

2. SPH Hair Transplant Center:

SPH Hair Transplant Center is a dedicated hair transplant facility based in Kochi, Kerala. The team of experts at the SPH Hair Transplant Center under the leadership of Dr. AJ Guild has performed many successful hair transplant procedures. Book an appointment at this renowned facility to know more about the services offered here and there’s a good chance you will be having a safe and effective hair transplant procedure at SPH Hair Transplant Center.

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3. Natural Hair Transplant Kerala:

Natural Hair Transplant Clinic, Kerala is one of many multispecialty facilities for cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation. With a host of expert surgeons across the state, Natural Hair Transplant ensures effective surgery at the best possible cost. Study the website to locate a surgeon closest to you.

4. Lakeshore Hospital:

This hospital for hair transplant and other cosmetic treatments is one of Kerala’s premier facilities. Known for safe and effective procedures using Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplant, the experts at Lakeshore Hospital are well worth your money.

5. Hair Craft:

Hair Craft is a dedicated hair transplant facility based in Ernakulam, Kerala. The experts at Hair Craft have proved their worth in the field of hair transplantation. Talk to a consultant to get to know more about the hair transplant procedures practiced here and the costs involved.

Address:  39/4828, Ravipuram, Ernakulam 682016, Kerala

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6. Hair Plants Hair Clinic:

This clinic uses the DHI or Direct Hair Implants method for hair transplantation; this new innovative method ensures no pain, no scars and effective densely packed hair. Consult a specialist at this state of the art clinic to know more about this new procedure in hair transplantation.

7. Lourdes Hospital:

This state of the art hair transplant and cosmetic surgery facility has gained much repute in Kerala because of its high success ratio. An expert in both Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplantation methods of hair restoration, Lourdes Hospital is an established name, on the basis of merit and performance alone.

8. Twacha Skin and Hair Clinic:

This clinic for hair transplantation and other skin treatments is known for its excellence and innovation. The in-house experts proficiently carry out hair transplant surgery using Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplant methods for safe and effective hair transplant procedures.

Address: Hayath Tower, 1st Floor, Civil Lane, Padamugal, Kakkanad, Ernakulam 682021 Kerala

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9. Gulf Gate Hair Fixing:

This super specialty clinic for surgical and non-surgical hair treatments is well-equipped to carry out effective and safe hair transplant procedures. The team of experts at this state of the art facility is well-armed with high credentials and equally long years of experience in the craft of hair restoration and transplantation. Gulf Gate Hair Fixing is a known and trusted name in the state of Kerala.

Address: Mundeth Building, Kaloor Kadavantara Road, Kaloor, Ernakulam 680001 Kerala

10. MYA Wellness Clinique:

This state of the art cosmetic and hair transplant surgery clinic has a team of successful cosmetic surgeons working under its banner. Schedule an appointment, talk to a consultant to know more about the services offered and there’s a good chance that you will have a safe and effective hair transplant procedure done here.

Address: 2 MRA House, Mavelipuram, Kakkanad, Ernakulam 682030 Kerala

These are the some pf the best centers for hair transplantation in kerela. So, if you need one, you know where to go now!

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