Top 10 VLCC Weight Loss Programmes And Their Costs

Feel at ease in your skin by following these exercise regimens curated by a professional.

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If you are here to know what’s special about the VLCC weight loss program and why and how I chose it for myself, I am here to share all the important details! Women are often body shamed for being too thin or too fat. While few men also get ridiculed for their body shape and image, mostly women are passed a “gentle comment” more often than not. Everyone’s body is their very own, and no matter how well-meaning one may sound, comments and pieces of advice regarding weight are not really welcome. While you might have heard this off-hand from a friend or relative, I learned it the hard way. That’s when I decided to look for a good weight loss program. No, not because someone told me, but for my own sake – to look and feel better in my own skin. Read on to know more about my story and what I like about the VLCC weight loss program.

How I Zeroed In On VLCC

Future Miss Pretty Me

Rewind a few years back. This is what happened to me.

I turned around as I heard someone calling me – ‘Mini Aunty’. I was taken aback when the neighbor’s kid, just 2 years younger to me, mockingly called me Aunty. Heck! Life can’t get tougher for a 16 year old who had always rubbished the remark of being overweight, thinking it’s just sign of good health as her family puts it that way. His words echoed in my ears and heart.

Being raised in a Traditional South Indian family where being obese just meant being chubby; food laden with ghee and yummy savories are bare essentials, it was a sudden jolt of reality that shook me- here I am just two months away from starting my college- time that I have been waiting for a long time now and the very thought of being this hefty me walking through the gates of college only to be mocked and teased for how I looked, sent shivers down my spine.

That very moment I realized gone are the days of being content and trying to be unaware of my looks and health, I can’t stand to lose out on fun of being admired, dating, and making friends like a regular 16 year old. And I also noticed last evening; climbing stairs is not an easy task to me anymore. And newspapers these days are flogged with information on lifestyle diseases caused by obesity, Diabetes, coronary heart diseases; psychological diseases like clinical depression and lowered self esteem to name some.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I thought of my desired new life and its stark contrast to my risk filled present life, but fortunately I have always been someone who takes challenges head on and puts meticulous effort to deal with any situation. Being very organized has perks of its own and so, I decided to plan to tackle this problem and wiped my tears. And about exercise, with my excess weight it’s impossible to shed all of it in months; those deposits needed something that was quick fix yet safe.

I came down to two important things or outcomes that I desired out of this regime:

1. Holistic way of weight loss in a scientifically proven way which will counter attack my fat deposits

2. Affordable prices and lasting benefits.

Moments later I was toggling between various websites which claim of weight losses and its magic numbers in that respect (keeping my list handy in case I waver from my objective). But nothing seemed to appeal me as they had nothing to prove their sanctity. The figures and facts seemed to be manipulated. I needed something which was tried and tested, believable, achievable as I am not one of those who settles for anything less. Plus my dad would only agree to fund for it if I managed to explain to him the benefits of it and how scientifically proven and well known it was.

And lo! I found this website which was top rated – VLCC, and I immediately recollected hearing all about it in every family function by Sandhya aunty and her daughter who would just go gaga over how VLCC changed their lives, so much so that we named them the VLCC’s Angels! But we couldn’t help but agree as benefits were evident, laddu shaped people now looked slim and fab. If they can change I can too as I wasn’t as overweight as them. With a gleam in my eyes like the child who has found its muse, I landed in VLCC’s home page.

I loved this quote in VLCC website under the segment – ‘How VLCC works’ – “A condition of good physical & mental health, achieved and maintained by proper diet, exercise and lifestyle management”. Their detailed review on how it works assured me further.

I made a list of top 10 VLCC treatments/ therapies (so that I will have fair knowledge of what VLCC offers) catering to different needs leading to weight loss.


This unique therapy provides a 3 in 1 solution and is most well known and sought after. It caters to wide range of needs like weight loss, body countering and also skin lightning. It uses its unique principle- The Patented CORE™ Technology – which involves gently heating the network of collagen and elastin fibers underneath the skin. As a result, the fibers shrink leading to restoration of skin’s elasticity. Its main technique involves gently heating subcutaneous tissue – as an outcome a layer builds around collagen fibers leading to stronger dermis which acts as a barrier against adipocytes and revives lipolysis in order to shrink fat cells volume, meanwhile improving the blood circulation throughout the affected area.

Fast and effective treatments are possible as it also uses vacuum therapy leading to benefits like skin tightening, effective cellulite treatment and circumferential reduction.

VTRON CTS is the epitome of highest results in a less span of time because results are evident from the very first treatment. It is a simple, non invasive treatment and is considered the safest method as it uses -Patented CORE™ Technology with multi-channel RF with Vacuum system. It gives a one stop solution to wide range of problems – contouring, skin tightening, effective cellulite reduction, body & facial, circumferential reduction.

2. Turboslim:

Want to shed the accumulated fat faster around the tummy, hips or thighs? Then opt for Turboslim which is developed by members of a highly efficient weight management team and it is custom made to accelerate weight loss. It not only aides fat burning at a faster rate but also shapes the body.

Breakdown of fats is enhanced by use of lipolytic cream and the osmotic film which aides to improved peripheral circulation, which is a result of increased surface body temperature caused by the FDS appliance.

3. Waist and Tummy Trim Treatment:

It is scientifically proven that waist circumference less than 80 Cm in females and less than 90 cm in men is very important to lead a healthy and balanced life; this number serves as a red flag to many to stop gaining more weight and the only solution is, losing the unwanted deposits of accumulated fat from waist.

Waist and Tummy treatment specializes and focuses on helping overweight/obese clients with high waist circumference. This therapy is a globally accepted method of ultrasonic induction; it is a set of procedures using Tummy and Waist trimming gel coupled with massaging the body with a body firmer to get desired results.

4. Arm Hip Thigh Treatment:

A common concern among people is the deposition of unhealthy fat all over the body. It has its own implication. It is observed that metabolic disorders are majorly caused by fat accumulated around waist, and the fat around thighs leads to osteo-arthritis; if in arms the result is loss of motion and reduced flexibility. A standard routine measurement of upper arm’s circumference determines BP evaluation among woman suffering from hypersensitivity. Hips wider than the ideal waist-hip ratio results in bad posture, lower limbs are thus burdened, which proves to be a discomfort in your daily life.

The spots encountered are reduced by this treatment from the problematic areas. Toning, firming of skin and muscle is possible by use of ultrasonic induction and with the help of toning and firming gel, results are positive and significant.

5. The Cellulite Control Therapies:

Toning the muscles after weight loss is a must and this therapy concentrates on it. The entire body or specific body which needs treatment is embalmed with various anti cellulite oils, creams and gels along with the prescribed massage by therapist to stimulate and rejuvenate pressure points. Result is strong connective tissue and the toxins are naturally eliminated providing good shape to adipose tissue. The detoxification is achieved through this therapy leading to improved metabolic system; healthy glowing skin thus follows.

6. Body Firming:

One possible and dreaded side effect of loosing oodles of weight is that the skin appears to sag and loose its firmness, because the subcutaneous fat available in the skin between the muscles is lost. The remedy to it is this Body Firming Therapy which facilitates a firm youthful skin which is tight and full of vigor. Specially designed appliances are used to tighten and firm the loose skin hanging over legs, stomach, thighs, buttock area and face; an aesthetic look will make way for enhanced confidence.

7. Bio Energy Therapy:

This therapy for healing essentially uses the energy derived from natural elements. The procedure involved in this treatment is placing the hot volcanic rocks on specific strategically planned parts on body, after which it is used for massage which results in improved blood circulation, plays a pivotal role in removing the energy blocks, it evidently brings a reduction in blood pressure, as it aids to increased metabolism its leads to reduced water retention. It works wonders in achieving relaxation, relieves stress and that is, the key to well being.

8. The Analgesic Therapy for Localized Regions:

Healing pain is the main motive of this therapy. Pain relief is the end result of this therapy. People suffering from joint pains and abnormality are highly benefited by this treatment; by reduction of pain people move around a lot and thus, it facilitates active lifestyle which is a must for weight loss. This therapy is a byproduct of heat therapy, interferential therapy TENS currents, and ultrasonic treatment.

9. Neuro Muscular Therapy:

A miraculous method is used which consists of applying static pressure by hand to the affected points which results in pain relief. When a person faces some sort of injury or trauma, some amount of postural distortion and not to forget – the stress is observed. It results in speedy transmission in nerves and the outcome is hindrance to the body equilibrium and body ends up being extremely sensitive to pain, leading to dysfunction. This technique not just facilitates relaxation of whole body but also fosters flexibility as it focuses on the soft tissues like muscles, connective tissue and also tendons and which is a must to keep central nervous system balanced.

10. The Integrative Massage Therapy (IMT):

This therapy banks on the benefits of massage and also muscle stimulation by utilizing a unique machine- G5 massager. For a penetrative and good massage the head of the G5 massager is rotated in circular motion.

It offers wide range of benefits like toning tightening of the skin; it is also noted that the flexibility is improved.

Being plus-sized is not a bad thing, provided your health is in good condition. If you want to lose weight, VLCC has many programmes that can aid your weight loss journey. Each of these VLCC weight loss programs targets different goals. For example, the Turboslim program focuses on weight loss at the hips, tummy, and thighs, while their Cellulite Control Therapies focus on toning muscles. Scroll back up and check out all the weight loss programs again to pick the perfect one for you. This is your sign to get in shape and stay fit, healthy, and happy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is VLCC Ayurvedic?

No, VLCC is not completely ayurvedic. However, they offer a range of ayurvedic services and products.

Is VLCC chemical-free?

No, VLCC products are not chemical-free. They are made with a few chemicals that don’t cause any potential harm to the skin.

Is VLCC good for acne?

Yes, VLCC can be trusted for the management of acne. VLCC acne care 3-day acne corrector helps manage acne with organic treatment.


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