This Is What Your Face Can Reveal About Your Health And Lifestyle

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You can tell a man’s health just by looking at his face.

Or at least, that is what traditional Eastern medicine claims. While the modern medical field may not make such an entirely bold claim, however – to most extent – they will agree. Your face can reveal several clues that can alert an onlooker to your diet, any potential disease and just about your overall health. Which is why examining the face is a staple part of every routine physical exam conducted by doctors.

Curious to learn just what secrets about your health your face may bear? Well, health experts have spoken. Read on, we’ve got the entire scoop here!


  • Horizontal lines on your forehead: Could indicate digestive issues. Experts advise combatting the issue by drinking warm water mixed with lemon juice every morning. 
  • Pronounced frown line: It could be a sign that your liver is under pressure, either from physical stress, diet, allergies or even emotional reasons, such as stress or grief (1). Try massaging this region in gentle circular motions. 
  • Pimples on your forehead: Could indicate internal problems like stomach congestion or liver troubles. Ensure that you drink sufficient water to flush out any potential toxins. Consume a more liver-friendly diet by minimizing processed foods and increasing intake of leafy, greens. 

Mouth & Chin

Mouth & Chin
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  • Lines around your mouth: Smoking could accelerate potential aging lines (2). Minimize their appearance by regularly applying a chap stick. Also, try to quit smoking. 
  • Sores around your mouth: Possible vitamin B12 deficiency (3). Eat more vitamin B12 rich foods such as whole grains, meat, and green vegetables or alternatively, take a vitamin B12 supplement. 
  • Dry lips: Could be a sign of a vitamin B12 deficiency, dehydration or even a low iron intake (4). Consult your doctor and in the meantime drink plenty of water. 
  • Inflamed/ dry skin on the chin: This could be a sign that something is wrong with your bowels or digestive system.Pinching and releasing your chin and gently massaging it in circles could help when you’re suffering from constipation. 


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  • Dark circles under your eyes: If your dark circles haven’t faded despite sufficient sleep, then it could be a possible indicator of food intolerances. Try removing wheat and dairy from your diet for the next two weeks and see if your dark circles lighten. 

Another possible culprit is alcohol for even moderate consumption can produce dark circles (5). Hence, minimize alcohol indulgence. 

  • Dark circles on the eyelids: Could possibly indicate an iron deficiency (6). Try minimizing your consumption of stimulating and energy drinks such as sodas, coffee, and tea. 
  • White spots on the eyes: White spots on the outer rims of your eyes could indicate chronic congestion of your lymphatic system. Try avoiding lactose (read: the sugar found in milk) and any cow dairy products. 

Ears & Jaw Line

Ears & Jaw Line
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  • Itchy ears: Sign of low tolerance or allergy. Eczema or psoriasis in this region indicates a vitamin D depletion hence soak up on some sun (7)! 
  • Acne on your jawline: Could be as a result of an unhealthy diet full of refined sugars, dairy and junk food.Eat more fresh foods and avoid fizzy drinks (8).
  • Acne around the jawline: As women age, their estrogen levels – the hormone that suppresses sebaceous activity in the skin – drops, which causes the skin to dull and acne on the jawline and hairline (10). Experts advise eating shitake mushrooms, apricots, mangoes and sweet potatoes for they all contain vitamin A that can normalize the life cycle of skin cells. 


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  •  Spots on your cheeks: This could be a result of not cleaning out foundation properly, which may have caused your skin to become congested. If you’re using a water-based cleanser, try opting for a more effective oil-based cleanser instead.

Or alternatively, you could always take a break from makeup for a while and let your skin breathe. 

  • Small bumps under the skin: You’re probably using products that are too harsh on your skin. Opt for a milder cleanser instead. 
  • Dark patches: They could be a sign of illness hence consult your doctor. But if they’re age spots, they could be your body’s attempt at getting rid of toxin. So eat more fresh foods, hydrate and dab castor oil on the existing age spots. 
  • Oily skin: Can be caused and exacerbated by your diet, hence, monitor what you eat (11). As we get older, our skin produces less sebum. Therefore, choose the cleanser that is ideal for your skin and use face masks regularly. 
  • Puffy skin: Your skin may be attempting to protect itself from a new beauty product that is too harsh. Drink plenty of water to drain your lymph system. 

Despite what you may believe, your face is truly an open book – or at the least, an indicator of your lifestyle and health. Let us know in the comments section below what secrets took you by surprise!

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