10 Ways to Practice Body Positivity

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Did you know that about 70 percent of women between the ages of 18 and 30 disapprove of their physical appearance? It’s good to know that we are not the only ones who question our self-esteem. The good news is that it can be improved by changing our thinking, which involves daily work and positive reinforcements. But, of course, not everyone functions the same way, so first, you’ll have to experiment to determine what works best for you to promote body positivity. We’ve put together a list of 10 of our favorite methods to remind ourselves that our bodies are not curses but rather blessings. Read on to know them all.

1. Use Positive Affirmations

When it’s difficult to be grateful for our bodies, one of the most fundamental and powerful methods to practice self-love is to state it loudly and often. This may be as simple as speaking a kind word to yourself in the morning in front of the mirror or as elaborate as leaving regular notes of encouragement on your nightstand or on your phone or computer.

2. Think Healthier

Think Healthier
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Don’t set your fitness objectives based on the number you’d want to see on the scale. A balanced diet and regular exercise aren’t punishments but rather a method to remind our bodies that we value and appreciate them. Consider all the fantastic things you can do with it, all the locations you can go to, and how your body provides you joy rather than focusing on its weight or form. Then treat yourself to a healthy diet and regular workout regimen that you truly like.

3. Compliment Others Without Hesitation

Compliment Others Without Hesitation
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Insecurities about ourselves are often reflected in the way we treat others. To be tough with others, we must first be hard on ourselves. On the other hand, openness to others frees us to be more compassionate toward our own selves. Compliment someone on something you wish someone had said to you when you needed it most.

4. Don’t Let Negativity Creep Into Your Sphere Of Influence

Don't Let Negativity Creep Into Your Sphere Of Influence
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Our minds are constantly bombarded with negative messages about our bodies, and these messages have a tendency to sneak their way into our minds and trigger our fears. Body shaming may take many forms. From fake airbrushed pictures of models on billboards that set unrealistic beauty standards, harsh interactions with friends and family members, or even self-inflicted posts on social media platforms. Social media use has been linked to a poor body image and an increased risk of developing an eating disorder in one research. Remove as much negativity as you can from your life. Make an effort to surround yourself with individuals who are self-aware and self-accepting.

5. Focus On What You Appreciate About Yourself

Focus On What You Appreciate About Yourself
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Whenever you dwell on criticism of your physical appearance, replace it with something uplifting. Make a list of things you enjoy about your body and save it somewhere safe. And not only because of how it appears but because of what you can accomplish with it. We have a tendency to focus on the things that make us unhappy and ignore the positive aspects of life. It will take a lot of practice to break out of that mindset. Don’t give up!

6. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

Don't Compare Yourself To Others
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People come in different sizes and body constructs. We’re all stunning in different ways. Isn’t that the way it should be? Life would be incredibly dull if there were only one way to look and feel attractive. When you compare yourself to others, it’s easy to believe that you don’t look as well as you think. But the truth is that you should strive to appear like yourself, not someone else.

7. Eliminate Self-Defeating Thoughts

Eliminate Self-Defeating Thoughts
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Be gentle on your body as you would be to a friend. Don’t say anything about your body that you wouldn’t say about a friend’s body. Self-doubt just serves to reinforce negative habits of thinking about one’s physique. Nobody, not even yourself, has the right to insult you verbally.

8. Absorb Body Positivity

Absorb Body Positivity
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There are many negative messages about bodies out there which is why it is important to counteract them with some positive ones. Many people have found considerable benefit from reading books and watching videos about positive body image.

9. Give Your Body A Treat

Give Your Body A Treat
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When was the last time you surprised yourself with a small token of appreciation for your body’s perseverance? Take time to relax on the grass, soak in a bubble bath, or hike a hill to take a scenic view of the surrounding area. Even undisturbed sleep for a few hours is a good enough gift if you feel you are not fully recharged through the day.

10. Pay Attention To Your Entire Self

Pay Attention To Your Entire Self
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You are so much more than your appearance, and don’t forget that! Stop obsessing over your physique. Instead, try to think about topics other than your physical appearance. Don’t be afraid to put all of your energy into what you truly like. Your body isn’t simply something to admire, so it’s time we give it the recognition it deserves.

To be frank, it’s easier said than done. Once you look at your photo from 6 years ago, it’s natural to be disappointed that your body has changed in ways you did not want it to. However, you decide what to do with your body, so if you want to make positive changes, it is totally up to you. So, do you have any secrets to maintaining body positivity? Let us know in the comment section!

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