Happiness Project: 6 Simple Ways To Bring More *Positivity* Into Your Daily Life!

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Who said that life was easy? Well, nobody did and nobody ever will. Even the brightest, the strongest, the prettiest, and the richest people have difficulties in their lives. For example, consider your own life under the introspection light and see how many hurdles you’ve crossed until now. The point is that your problems are never going to come to an end on any fine day, and that’s exactly how life teaches you to be strong. Sometimes things can be really overwhelming and make you want to disappear into the outer space. The knack to face such tough times is to accept that things are wrong for now, but efforts can be made to make them all right!

Well, it doesn’t sound very doable, does it? Staying positive all the time doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to feel sad or angry. It simply means that if you try to focus on being positive, you’ll feel a little less upset when you’re not having your best days. Also, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to meditate under a waterfall chanting “inner peace.” Positivity is something that you grow inside yourself and make it a part of your daily life. A lot of your daily life actions can define what kind of a person you’re nurturing deep within. If you want to bring in more positivity in your life, you’ve got to try these:

1. Self-care

We’ve always been taught the importance of being kind to others. In fact, Indian families value “sacrifice” more than anything else. This essentially makes many of us feel that taking care of ourself and standing up for our good is selfishness. Well, this has to change first. If you’re doing something for yourself by causing trouble for someone else, that’s called selfishness. But if you’re trying to do things that are good for your growth without really harming anyone, it’s self-care. Having a bad day? Sink down and relax in a bubble bath! Feeling stressed? Go on a shopping day with your girlfriends — s elf-care is pretty simple, you guys! Care about your health, work towards your dreams, and do everything that makes you happy. Once you stop being judgemental about yourself, you’ll learn what true self-care is.

2. Yoga And Meditation

Yoga And Meditation
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Roll that yoga mat down on your balcony floor and let the fresh air pump in. Yoga and meditation are ancient to our culture and their benefits have been acknowledged scientifically as well. A few minutes of peaceful breathing and an empty mind will help you sweep away all the unnecessary thoughts that have been piling up in the corners of your mind. Yoga and meditation keep your mind calm and helps your body relax. You may feel that it doesn’t work, but it’s definitely worth a try if you want to stay positive.

3. Exercise

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Exercising doesn’t really mean that you’ve got to be a member of an expensive gym and post workout selfies on Instagram. Just a bit of brisk walking and running will keep you healthy too. If you can hit the gym, that’s great. But if you can’t make enough time or you feel that they are too expensive for you, you can always workout at home. There’s a lot of content to help you workout all yourself on the internet. If you’re not confident enough at the beginning, go to a gym just for a while, so that you can learn from a trainer about the basic workouts and then later on, you can do them at home.

4. Pets

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Dogs, cats, goats, hamsters, bunnies! Aren’t pets the cutest? Pets are not just fluffy and cute, but they are also true companions. They are real stress busters and you’ll never feel alone if you’ve got a loving doggo or kitty at home. They are funny, adorable, and a lot more caring than human beings. You can’t stay grumpy when you have a puppy looking at you with liquid eyes.

5. Fragrance

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Why do you think people decorate their place with flowers and why do we use incense sticks while praying? Good fragrance has a very positive effect on our mood. No wonder why couples spend a lot on scented candles! It can brighten up our day and keep us calm. Walking into a room that smells like dirty carpet will definitely not help you with that presentation you’ve been working on. But some pretty and fragrant flowers might do the job (well, not directly). No wonder why aromatherapy is so popular!

6. Good Food

Good Food
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Last but not the least, there’s nothing that a yummy tub of ice cream can’t solve. It’s the ultimate truth that we can’t deny. Good food doesn’t mean that you’ve got to eat only pizzas and burgers. It also doesn’t mean that you’ve got to eat salads and greens like a cow. Eating healthy is finding a balance between yummy food and healthy food. As long as you eat in moderation and work out regularly, it’s okay!

Trying to stay positive is not rocket science. It’s a conscious effort that you’ll need to make every minute of your life. Observe what’s dragging in negativity into your life and you’ll start noticing the difference. How do you try to stay positive? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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