4 Videos Featuring The Best Bridal Mehendi Designs

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Weddings. One of the most exciting occasions ever. Especially if it is an Indian wedding, you can rest assured that it’s going to be both extravagant and elegant. One such event is the Mehendi ceremony. Usually, the bride’s mehendi is more intricate and detailed, since it’s a special day for her. Here are a few designs that will inspire you in case you’re planning to get married soon, or attending a wedding.

1. Dulha-Dulhan Designs

This mehendi design draws its focus on the models of the dulha-dulhan (Bride and Groom). Along with the design, there are motifs like peacocks, checkered lines, concentric circles, and the swastika. The significance of mehendi goes beyond just the lovely wedding aesthetics. The dark maroon shade of the mehendi on a bride’s hand represents the love between the couple. It is also deemed to be a symbolic representation of fertility. They say that the longer the mehendi retains it color, the more auspicious it is for the happy couple. Additionally, the scent of the mehendi is said to be an aphrodisiac, and acts as a factor for sensuality.

2. Dhol And Shehnai

Another popular design we see is the Dhol and Shehnai, which are the traditional instruments used in Indian weddings. The use of flowers, petals, and temple designs are also incorporated into the mehendi design. Music is a divine part of Indian weddings. In all corners of the country, some or the other form of music is played. And so, at every Indian wedding, you would find some form of wind and percussion instruments like the Dhol and Shehnai. It is said to bring the richness of culture to the auspicious day.

3. Mehendi Designs For The Feet

Mehendi applied to the feet has its own significance. The feet are a point of contact to the ground, and hence, is believed to transfer energy. There are also rituals in Hindu weddings where feet are involved, so brides often have their feet decorated as well. The Mehendi is celebrated differently in different families. Some of them like to keep it simple, inviting only the nearest and dearest of family and friends. Other families like to celebrate it on a grand scale. They may also decide to combine it with the Sangeet.

4. Pakistani Mehendi Designs

The Pakistani style of mehendi doesn’t cover the entire hand. It usually starts from the corner of the arm and extends to selected fingers. It is a very minimalistic design that mainly consists of flower designs. This style of mehendi or henna is essentially from the middle-east and is often known as the Arabic design. The Arabic style of mehendi is said to have been brought to India by the Moghuls, after which it became popular all over the country. It looks very elegant and classy on the hands.

Weddings can be quite stressful. Getting someone to do your Mehendi is considered to be therapeutic. It can calm the nerves of the bride before the wedding.

Mehendi is a huge part of Indian weddings. So much so, that there’s an entire occasion dedicated just for that. Who’s complaining, though? It’s so much fun to be treated like royalty during this particular time in life!

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