10 Things People Say To Girls Who Have Small Boobs (Just WHY?!)

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The humankind is just so obsessed with “fitting” into something all the time that they forget that all individuals are entities in themselves. They are all the time fitting into skinny jeans, into microkinis, or into some definition that the society has cumulatively decided is “right.” That is exactly when you find all these judgemental statements being made by the deciders that are, quite often, derogatory. Girls with small boobs, this is for you. We know you. We feel you. Read these 10 things that you’ve heard enough (along with what happens in your mind in response to those statements), and you’ll agree that we totally get you.

1. I am so jealous of you; you can wear whatever you want.

Oh really? Is it not that everybody can wear whatever they want? What’s so much with the boob hype? Plus, try wearing a bandeau or a strapless and having that oops moment with that sliding off the dress. No, not that easy. If your big boobs can’t wear strapless for a reason, we find it difficult too. Maybe the reasons are just paradoxical.

2. Plus, you can go braless whenever you want

2. Plus, you can go braless whenever you want
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Again, just take your damn bra off – you can go braless whenever you want. Do you know cold-breeze days? Every time the nipples are in the mood to become pesky with each gush of breeze – they SHOW. So, no! No, I can’t freaking go braless whenever I want.

3. Oh poor you, missing out on that boob job, aren’t you?

Firstly, I’d like to keep my bedroom fantasies to myself. Two, I am in a relationship with a human for ten thousand reasons other than just the jobs. Three, there’s so much more to explore in the human body than just the boobs. And, most importantly, keep your “poor yous” to yourself. Also, thanks for the concern, though!

4. Don’t worry, not all guys are looking for boobs. I hope you get the butt-kinda guy!

Wow, that was so thoughtful of you. Since you anyway think your wishes are going to come true, why not wish for something for yourself? Like maybe a pair of decency and an inch of minding your own business. Just saying! And wait, I hope I get a guy who knows that it takes more than boobs and butts to make a woman.

5. What? You are trying to lose weight? You already are flat up there!

5. What You are trying to lose weight You already are flat up there!
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How do you do this all the time? You know why people lose weight? No, it is not just to fit into some skinny, skimpy bandwagon. There are people trying to get fit and healthy. Have you heard of that? Apart from just the lumps here and there, there’s more to the body, remember?

6. Oh! So you don’t get to date real men, do you? Real men like curves.

6. Oh! So you don’t get to date real men, do you Real men like curves.
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So, you are under the impression that real means curves? Good! Although, you are happy with that delusion, lemme repeat, men (real or otherwise) look for a lot of other things in women apart from just the boobs. Also, like you said, he could be the butt-kind. Plus, can we just stop with the shapes and sizes for a while – let the men decide what they want.

7. How I wish I could give a lil of mine to you!

That was overwhelmingly benevolent of you. You crossed all limits of compassion, for you want to give me what the Almighty didn’t even think of. Plus, since we are in the exchange spree anyway, how about exchanging something else? Like I could give you something that I have and you don’t – some brains!

8. Maybe you should try a push-up bra?

8. Maybe you should try a push-up bra
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Maybe you should try not talking when it isn’t required. Thanks a ton for that unsolicited advice though. You know, maybe I am just happy with the way my body (including boobs) looks like. Or maybe I am already fighting a battle within and it would have been much better if you hadn’t spoken about it in the first place. It is okay if you are not generous enough to give compliments, at least you could stay mum, instead. Remember that each one of us is fighting with inhibitions each day. Let’s just make it easy for each other.

9. You will make an amazing athlete ‘cause you won’t have things bouncing every now and then.

Well if you think you’ve just used an amazing pun – congratulations, you did. And then, people who perform well make good athletes. When did boob size become the criteria?

10. How about implants? Or breast enhancement creams? Or how about just getting pregnant?

10. How about implants Or Breast Enhancement Creams Or How About Just Getting Pregnant
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Don’t get me started. I shall call it a day now.

I am sure there are more of these kinds that you’ve had to hear. Hey, pretty ladies; don’t allow anything (statements like these, the least) to deter your confidence. Don’t stop being you. What say? Comment below and tell me how it feels to just be you, behind those pretty lil tits!

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