The Special Bond Between Boys And Their Mamas

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Men are what their mothers made them. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Since time immemorial, people have been talking about the special bond between mothers and sons. Not that dads don’t have just as much fun with their sons, but with moms, there’s something special, isn’t there? If it wasn’t so, what would inspire the greatest poets in the history to pen down the beauty that is a mother-son relationship!

From cradling them as a baby to helping them with homework, mothers have been a caretaker, a role model and most importantly a confidant for most boys. And, hey, science backs it up too. According to a study, mothers have a more significant impact on their children’s educational achievements than fathers (1). Researchers found out that every year a woman stayed in full-time education, the likelihood of her son staying on for each extra year increased by 10 percent. Interesting, right?

For generations now, mothers have been asked to be careful about raising a “mama’s boy” instead of a man. However, mothers have a significant impact on their son’s life. Even the way they shape up as adults or how their behaviour evolves over the time is attributed to their relationship with their moms. Not only that, but this bond is imperative to ensure the overall development and the emotional stability of a boy. Thus, this theory of “too close,” stands invalid.

So, how exactly is the sacred bond between a boy and his mama significant, as it is precious? Let us explore what the writers have been filling books about.

1. Open Communication

Open Communication
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Any mother who exercises open communication with her son automatically becomes the knight in the shining armour for him. From discussing his dreams and ambitions to confessing fears and inhibitions, he can express himself to her. This gradually makes him better at communicating with others too, thereby improving his social skills.

2. Respect For Women

When a son has a close relationship with his mother, he is bound to appreciate her role in his life and stand up for her, if needed. Thus, he evolves into a man who respects women in his daily life as well, as he is less prone to have dominance issues with his female counterparts.

3. Self Esteem

Self Esteem
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Perhaps the most elemental role a mom plays is building her boy’s self-esteem. Mothers, as naturals, teach the virtue of self-worth to their sons. If a mother identifies herself as an important individual, boys pick up that trait too and can feel worthy of love and kindness, too. While overlooked, this trait might just be a factor in boys growing up to be wonderful men.

4. Emotional Intelligence

Now, this one is a no-brainer. It is emotional intelligence that a mom teaches her son which eventually makes sure that he becomes capable of understanding others’ feelings just as well as he does his own (2). Your son’s self-control and cognizance will help ensure academic feats while cultivating eccentricity and independence.

5. Success

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Keeping your son close may just lead him on to become a successful individual, both in personal and professional life. Since mothers work to teach their sons the significance of emotional stability, they grow up with the skills required to navigate their adulthood. If your son can manage his own feelings, while relating to those of others, he has the inevitable opportunity to become a leader representing both men and women.

Be it a newborn, a teenager or a full-grown adult, your son will never stop needing you. Every boy goes through phases of uncontrolled emotions and failure, and it is then, that even a hug from you will restore a sense of well-being in him. By setting him up to realize the importance of being in touch with his emotions, you are designing him to become a better friend, partner, husband, and father in the future. Needless to say, nothing can replace the bond between a boy and his mama.

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