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With the final and most awaited season of Game of Thrones being aired, fans are going gaga over everything related to it. Undoubtedly, the series has offered our generation some of the strongest female characters ever on television. They are strong and beautiful, and we love them. The cosplays and fan art on social media are enough proof of our love for these characters and their looks. To allow you to reminisce in the strength and beauty of these fearless women, we have listed 9 characters from GoT who rocked their outfits to give us serious #fashiongoals. Pour yourself some wine, and read on:

1. Danaerys

Danaerys aka Danny/ Khaleesi/ Mother of Dragons/ The Unburnt, and the queen of multiple names, could easily win the title of the fashion queen if this was a contest. Remember the scene in which she meets Khal Drogo? Yes, it was emotionally scarring but look how pretty her dress is! The wow elements include the silky, light fabric, the sleeves, and the neckline!

Image: gameofthronesworlddd / Instagram

She’s not just the Khaleesi of the Dothraki but also the Khaleesi in the fashion world of Westeros. We cannot stop making heart eyes over this outfit of hers!

Image: thesongoficeandfire / Instagram

This is yet another outfit of hers that looks really classy! Although it’s just a plain white dress, the super awesome cuts and stitches make it all the more classy. The dragon necklace that she’s wearing is the highlight of this outfit! Where can we get one of those?

2.  Sansa

Image: winds_of_the_winter / Instagram

Sansa Stark may have looked like a stupid teenager at the beginning of the show but as she said, she learns from her mistakes. Sansa’s wedding with Ramsey Bolton was so far one of the most painful things ever in GoT. But it’s hard to concentrate on that when she looks so pretty in that white dress!

Image: thesongoficeandfire / Instagram

The lady of Winterfell started wearing a lot of black and a whole lot of fur once she returned home to her loved ones. We don’t support the dead wolf on her shoulders but we surely can’t get our eyes off the black dress with the intricate details. According to Sansa, she worked on that by herself— quite impressive, eh?

3. Cersei

Image: thesongoficeandfire / Instagram

Look at that sly smile! If the throne was given to the most elegant woman, Cersei Lannister would win it without a doubt. With a flattering neckline and a beautiful color scheme, this dress is probably a dream for every girl in not just Westeros but even in the real world! She is one classy vixen that we love to hate, nonetheless we love her elegant and regal looks!

Image: thesongoficeandfire / Instagram

This blood red gown is gorgeous and sophisticated . The baggy sleeves and the V-shaped neckline are all trending already. All we need is some ancient touch to it and a metallic accessory like the pendant she’s wearing. She’s looking quite mad in the picture but boy, she can steal hearts!

4. Myrcella

Image: thesongoficeandfire / Instagram

She got her looks from her mother and her unbelievably handsome father (oops! is that still a secret?). Myrcella is charming and beautiful in a delicate way and her outfit completely matches her personality. She wears this one while she’s in Dorne which is quite a warm place and her vibrant yellow and pink dress somehow looks perfect for the summers.

5. Melisandre

Image: thesongoficeandfire / Instagram

She may have the soul of a really really old woman but she looks nothing like it the way we get to see her. She looks stunning in all her outfits. Well, most of them look similar because they are all red but you can’t deny the fact that they are really chic and hot! You can totally buy this one to wear to a wedding reception or a dance. Don’t miss the whimsical necklace though!

6. Margaery

Image: thosegeekedgirls / Instagram

Queen Margaery, played by the super attractive Natalie Dormer is one of the most charming personalities in the entire series. Her clothes symbolize the spirit of her House Tyrell. They are designed so well that you wish you could wear them just for a while at least.

7. Missandei

Image: thesongoficeandfire / Instagram

Missandei may not be one of the main characters and may not be a noble, but we have to appreciate her dressing sense. (Well, to be more specific, the designing abilities of her costume makers) Since Missandei spends most of her time in the East, her clothing doesn’t have too many layers. Her costumes resonate with that of Danny’s as she is kind of a sidekick to her. These outfits would be pretty stylish and comfortable to wear to a beach vacation, don’t you think?

8. Ellaria

Image: thesongoficeandfire / Instagram

The murder of innocent princesses aside, Ellaria Sand is a remarkable character. The clothes that she wears compliments her complexion and wildness. She’s a far cry from the average peaches and cream women. Just like the fierce lover that she was, her outfits are an extension of her personality.

9. Shae

Image: thesongoficeandfire / Instagram

Surprisingly, Shae wasn’t the most stylish characters when she was introduced to us. Her sense of style saw a drastic change once she came to King’s Landing. Maybe, it’s the influence of the great designs donned by all the women in King’s Landing..

While some of these clothes can’t be worn as they are (because they’re too dramatic), you can always make slight modifications. Pair it with the perfect hairstyle and you’re good to go.

Which of these looks is your favorite? Have you ever tried to dress up like one of these characters or would you want to get any of these outfits made for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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