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Ever wondered what secrets your birthdate may hold?

Since ancient times, birthdates have held a scared position in terms of deciphering a man’s fate. Oracles, astrologists, and mystics have utilized this seemingly trivial information to uncannily reveal a person’s past, present, and future. And over the millennia, mankind has noticed patterns in destiny and numbers. The cosmos seem to grace this world with special people only on special dates, and humanity has caught onto this fact.

Curious to discover just what kind of special you could be? Well, we at StyleCraze can help you with that! Calculate your birth number and read on to uncover the secrets of your soul.

First Things First, Let’s Get Your Birth Number

Your birth number can help reveal who you are, your inborn abilities and what you are gifted at. It can also shed light on what we must learn and the challenges we are destined to encounter.

To calculate your birth number add all the numbers in your birth date together, until you have only one, single digit remaining. For example:

April 18th 1950

4 + 18 + 1950 = 1972

1 + 9 + 7 + 2 = 19

1 + 9 = 10

1 + 0 = 1

The birth number is 1.

See? A piece of cake, really. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and use your birth number to unravel the secrets to your spirit!

If You Are “1”, You Are: THE ORIGINATOR

You are an original! Gifted with a strong imagination and the ability to innovate and break barriers, out-of-box thinking is as natural as breathing for you. You excel at diplomacy and are also admired for your honesty and grit. However, you also struggle with being stubborn and can be accused of being arrogant at times.

If You Are “2”, You Are: THE PEACEMAKER

If You Are “2”, You Are THE PEACEMAKER
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You are a natural born diplomat! A silver-tongued devil, smooth talking is your forte. You are also deeply sensitive to the emotions and thoughts of the people around you, and you often put their needs and wants before yours. You are gifted with intuition and keen analytical skills and are known to cherish loyalty and friendship deeply.

If You Are “3”, You Are: THE LIFE OF THE PARTY

If You Are “3”, You Are THE LIFE OF THE PARTY
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Aren’t you a charmer? A social butterfly, you are charismatic, dazzling and possess an inherent spontaneity that causes you to passionately start many endeavors which you don’t always see through. You are popular and admired, but you struggle with perseverance.

If You Are “4”, You Are: THE CONSERVATIVE

If You Are “4”, You Are THE CONSERVATIVE
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Traditional and sensible, you prefer routine and order. You’re admired for your not being too impetuous and thinking before acting. You also happen to be attracted to nature and the outdoors and love getting your hands dirty. Your most significant flaw, however, is that you can be too inflexible at times.

If You Are “5”, You Are: THE NONCONFORMIST

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You are an explorer! Possessing an inherent curious nature, you always question the world around you and don’t shy away from taking risks, traits that have landed you in hot water many times! The entire universe is your school and you its enthusiastic, insatiable student. Your biggest flaw is your tendency to jump to conclusions in the belief you have all the facts.

If You Are “6”, You Are: THE ROMANTIC

If You Are “6”, You Are THE ROMANTIC
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The eternal optimist, you have great ideals and meaningful relationships. The actions of the people you love usually influence your life choices. Your greatest motivation is to help and care for the people around you, which get you loyal friends. Your biggest struggle is your difficulty in letting go of a lost cause.

If You Are “7”, You Are: THE INTELLECTUAL

If You Are “7”, You Are THE INTELLECTUAL
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Wisdom is your life’s quest! You are persistently seeking knowledge and tend to be an empiricist. Emotions rarely sway your life choices as you put rationality and pragmatism above all else. Your greatest strength is your open-mindedness, you can entertain and question ideas before you choose to accept or dismiss them. Fiercely private, you tend to be a bit of a recluse.

If You Are “8”, You Are: THE BIG SHOT

If You Are “8”, You Are THE BIG SHOT
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You are a problem solver! You abhor wasting time as you’d like to say- time is money, baby! The eternal professional, you are admired for your blunt and no-nonsense style of talking. You possess good judgment, and your greatest asset is your ability to make quick and smart decisions. You are ambitious, assertive and have grand dreams. Your greatest flaw is your tendency to always want to be in control.

If You Are “9”, You Are: THE PERFORMER

If You Are “9”, You Are THE PERFORMER
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You are a natural entertainer! Generous, caring and charming, your natural wit and spontaneous personality can mesmerize people and hold a crowd. Making friends comes easy to you, for you are gifted with the ability to mold yourself into the companion people need you to be. You have so many different moods and personalities that it’s hard for loved ones to predict your decisions. Your greatest flaw and- perversely – your greatest strength is your mercurial nature.

While fate and destiny do exist, it is important to remember so does the freedom to choose. The cosmos may guide a horse to a lake but the ultimate decision to drink lies with horse alone.

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