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On an average, we visit our bathrooms a whopping 6 to 7 times per day! Now, if only we could get rid of that lingering, atrocious odor from our shower area, toilet bowl, and sink, then life wouldn’t seem like such a fickle pain in the unmentionables (excuse my French).

Yet, attaining that fresh and fragrant bathroom illustrated in those glossy, drool-worthy spreads of Elle Decor almost seems like a fool’s dream. After all, if we’re fully honest with each other, nobody likes cleaning washrooms. Period. Yes, it’s icky and gross, but most importantly, we happen to love ourselves. Nevertheless, the deed must be done and we usually (and grudgingly) come through. But despite our best (albeit unenthusiastic) efforts, our bathrooms turn out relatively clean but never the aromatic, inviting haven they should be.

If you, like me, have been at your wit’s end on how to attain a fresher toilet but have repeatedly (and abysmally) failed, then worry not, I’ve got you, girl! Here is an easy-breezy trick to achieve toilet nirvana. Bonus? This trick is for all my lazy and frugal peeps out there!

Yes, dreams can come true.

Introducing Your Toilet’s New BFF: Toilet Fizz Bombs!

The online community of mommy bloggers has hailed this remarkable DIY invention as the “ultimate toilet bowl declogger”. A bold claim, I know. But, boy, do these tiny, fragrant bombs deliver and then some. Don’t miss out on all this awesomeness, simply make one and watch the magic happen!

Wait… What? How Do They Help?

 Wait… What How Do They Help
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Obviously, you can’t replace cleaning your toilet every week with toilet fizz bombs. However, a million women online can testify that these bad boys will kill bacteria and successfully deodorize your toilet.

The problem with most of the modern-day cleaners like Air Wick, Lysol, and Febreze, which we religiously spritz over the commode, is that they are only meant to cover up the existing stench. By no means will they eliminate your problem. Toilet fizz bombs, on the other hand, can actually help kill the root cause of all that malodor, thereby resulting in toilets that always smell fresh!

Most toilet fizz bowls have the following 3 ingredients:

  • Baking Soda: A fabulous all-purpose cleaner that also deodorizes smells.
  • Citric Acid: Is antibacterial and busts any build up and scale, decreases effects of hard water, and gives that amazing fizz.
  • Essential Oils: Binds citric acid and baking soda together and adds a natural, potent fragrance.

To top it all of, there is something ridiculously satisfying about simply dropping one of these bombs into your toilet bowl and watching them fizz away.

Ok, Now How Do I Make The Magic Happen?

Ok, Now How Do I Make The Magic Happen
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You can find several fun recipes for toilet fizz bombs online, but the following one is a tried and tested, simple mix of only 3 ingredients.


  • Baking Soda x 1 and 1/3 cup
  • Citric acid x ½ cup
  • Essential Oils x 90 drops: (Suggested breakdown but you can chooseamong them as well)
    • Lemon x 30 drops
    • Peppermint x 30 drops
    • Orange x 20 drops
    • Lavender x 10 drops


  1. Mix the essential oils (you can choose the ones that appeal to your olfactory senses) and putit in a spray bottle. Set this aside for now.
  2. Carefully mix your citric acid and baking soda in a separate container. If you’d like, wear a medical mask during this step in order to prevent inhalation of any fumes.
  3. Now, slowly spray your essential oils mixture into the citric acid and baking soda mixture. Keep mixing as you simultaneously spray until you’ve used up all the liquid in the bottle. It will ideally fizz a tad bit as the oils touch the mixture; however, if you notice excessive fizzing, it is a sign that you’re spraying too quickly and should slow down. The mixture should begin to clump, signifying that it is ready to be put into a mold.
  4. If you’re having trouble, add a bit of water along with essential oils in order to aid the binding of the citric acid and baking soda. Beware of using too much water, however, as this will prevent them from eventually fizzing when they make contact with water.
  5. Now,put the mixture into a silicone mold. If you haven’t got one lying around, you can press it into the slots of your ice cube tray.
  6. Allow the fizz bombs to dry for a minimum of 6 hours. After the allotted time, you can remove the bombs from the mold and store in any available jar that has a tight, sealed lid.

This recipe makes for 30 toilet fizz bombs in total.

Reclaim your toilet with this oh-so-simple and ridiculously fun trick. Trust me, you’re going to feel like an absurdly proud scientist as you watch your toilet fizz to reveal fragrant and impeccably pearly-white porcelain!

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