7 Simple Things You’re Doing Wrong Every Day

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You were probably blissfully deferring to your daily – and might I add, unnecessarily complicated – routine, before you stumbled along this little gem. Well, prepare yourself, my friend, for your life is about to be changed, and for the better. You’re soon about to learn that the practices you have accepted for the norm aren’t actually as efficient, inexpensive, and time-saving as you believe them to be.

It’s time for some much-needed enlightenment – and we’re here to deliver! The following are 7 everyday life skills that you’ve been unwittingly doing wrong:

1. Eating A Cupcake

1. Eating A Cupcake

Before you ask – yes, eating cupcakes is a MAJOR life skill.

These frosted, sugary mini-cakes can be rather tricky to eat. Granted, they look absolutely gorgeous on a patisserie display window and under a billion filters on your pseudo-foodie friend’s Insta page. But how are we supposed to eat this sugary treat without smearing our faces with all that chocolate cream cheese frosting?

And how on Earth is one supposed to avoid the terrible crumbling and falling apart that inevitably follows?

To be honest, we can all be forgiven for not knowing this particular cupcake etiquette. Apparently, the correct way is to gently break off the bottom and place it on top of the frosting, creating a perfect little cupcake sandwich.

I know, mind blown here as well.

2. Wearing Earphones

2.Wearing Earphones

That frustration when you’re listening to your favorite jams on your earphones and just when you’re about to hit that chorus that takes you to nirvana, your earphones fall off.

The memory still hurts, damn it.

Well, apparently we could have prevented this tragedy if we simply wore our earphones right! The correct etiquette is to loop them from behind your ears, with the cord running over the pinna of your ear, and then plugging them in.

3.Eating Pringles

3.Eating Pringles

 When you really are just watching Netflix and chilling (get your brain out of the gutter), there isn’t any agony greater than you trying to get your hands on some crispy, salted Pringles and getting thwarted. If you’re frustrated with jamming your hands into that narrow, unforgiving Pringles container, then worry not my friend, for you aren’t alone.

Your mom would sagely advice pouring them out onto a plate, but once you follow that advice, the perfect arrangement of those wafer thin crisps is lost.

The solution, however, is simple. Fold paper into a makeshift sleeve and slip it into the cylinder. Now, tilt the can and watch as your Pringles march out in a neat, straight line as you pull the paper out.

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 4.Resealing A Plastic Bag

4.Resealing A Plastic Bag

 If you can’t master that fancy origami fold on Pinterest, the next best way to reseal a plastic bag is by using a disposable plastic bottle. Simply cut off the topside of the bottle with the cap. Pull the mouth of your plastic bag through the uncapped bottle’s mouth. Then, flip the plastic bag mouth over the rim of the bottle and cap your bottle.

Voila! You now have a proper, sealed container for your goodies.

5.Eating A Banana

5.Eating A Banana

 Did you know you’ve been eating bananas wrong all this time? Instead of snapping them open from the stem and crushing the underlying banana every time, go the monkey way!

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Ignore the stem side and focus on the nubby opposite end instead. Using your index finger and thumb, pinch this tip and watch how the skin of your banana splits and comes off.

6.Eating A Burger

6.Eating A Burger

 So, you enjoy eating a loaded burger, but abhor the mess that follows each time you pick it up and broken parts of the filling simply slip out from between the buns on the side opposite to your grip.

Watching the disassembly of a perfect burger is truly heartbreaking.

Apparently, we can all avoid this if we learned the correct way to hold a burger. The perfect spillage-proof form is to place your thumb and pinky fingers (on both hands) underneath the bottom bun while the rest of your fingers preside on top.

7.Cleaning Your Blender

7.Cleaning Your Blender
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 Sometimes I secretly believe that the reason most people fall off the vegan wagon so quick isn’t because of the loss of non-fruit carbs and protein – oh no – it’s the arduous task of cleaning the food blender that puts them off eventually.

Let’s face it, smoothies are awesome, but the subsequent cleaning of the blender is a pain. Trying to dodge those lethal looking blades on the insides of your blender is truly a daunting task. Which, coincidentally, it doesn’t have to be because we’re doing it all wrong!

Instead of cleaning your blender by scrubbing with your hand, just add some dishwashing liquid and water to your blender and blend it instead.

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 So, there you have it! Seven everyday tasks that we are all guilty of doing wrong. We just saved you some literal blood, sweat, and tears there! You’re welcome.

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