8 Sure Signs Your Relationship Is Going to the Next Level

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“Where are we in this relationship?” is a question that pops up in the minds of most couples who are in a serious (at least they are thinking that way) relationship. When it comes to answering this question, mumbling may take over talking sense for many. Well, does this mean that they don’t love you enough? Not necessarily and this reaction is quite normal. There’s always one person who thinks a bit more about the relationship and future than the other. If you keep asking your partner about where things are heading to, s/he might only get annoyed and lose interest in talking to you. But having no answers can pump up the anxiety levels in your mind and you may end up feeling like you’re just stuck somewhere. This is when you need to look for signs that will help you understand where you are.

It’s not that difficult to understand these signs, but remember that they are just signs. You shouldn’t jump into any conclusions based on them unless you talk to your partner. Your interpretation can always go wrong because people are very different when it comes to expressing love and companionship. These signs will help you get a clue about the growth of your relationship but it isn’t a definite answer.

1. You Have Endless Topics To Talk About

It’s pretty obvious that you had a lot to talk about when you just started dating. This is the time when you are eager to get to know each other. Talking can be great; But once you pass the honeymoon period, topics may get scanty and you feel like you already know almost everything about each other. If your relationship is going forward and strong, you may not face this issue at all. You would still have a lot to talk about even if it’s not about each other. You may randomly start a conversation on ice creams or ozone layer depletion and it would still be amazing.

2. You Enjoy The Unromantic Time

You Enjoy The Unromantic Time
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Once you move past the “can’t keep your hands off each other” phase, romance will take a different turn in life. He may not bring you flowers every time he meets you or she might not blush every time she looks into your eyes. But if your relationship is going forward, you’ll start enjoying other feelings like friendship, more than the cheesy one you‘ve had before. A bit of cheesy-ness is great. But too much of it can be harmful. Now, you may enjoy playing video games with each other or cooking together as much as you like cuddling with each other.

3. You Say “We” A Lot

You Say We A Lot
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If you and your partner often use the word “we” when talking to others, it means that you consider each other as a significant part of your life. Being referred to as a single unit is always a positive thing. This might not be something that you plan to do, it just comes out when you talk and will sound very regular to you.

4. You Have Your Stuff At Each Other’s Place

You Have Your Stuff At Each Other's Place
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Once you’re in a serious relationship, you often have your stuff at your partner’s place and you feel like that’s your second home. You love to spend time there and you always keep an extra pair of pajamas and a toothbrush at his/her place. You know you can just walk in whenever you want to and you can sleep over without having any comfort issues.

5. You Don’t Get Bothered About About Each Other’s Weird Habits

You Dont Get Bothered About About Each Other's Weird Habits
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The way he/she laughs may be quite different. And you found it weird when you both started going out but now that you’re in a relationship that’s going somewhere, you feel that it’s cute. You get used to their weird habits and gestures and they don’t bother you anymore.

6. You Travel Together

You Travel Together
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Couples who travel together are very much likely to stick with each other for a long time. The fact that you find your partner interesting enough to spend time with them over trekking, camping, and exploring is amazing! You wouldn’t want to let go of that person for sure.

7. The Little Things

The Little Things
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Your partner knows about every little thing you like and dislike. This means that you’re truly into each other and your relationship has moved to a higher level. A person who knows you almost as much as you or even more than yourself is worth treasuring for life.

8. You Attend Events As A Couple

You Attend Events As A Couple
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If your partner doesn’t mind taking you out to their office parties and family functions, it means that they’ve made the decision to have you in their life forever. If he/she boasts about you when they’re talking to their friends and relatives, understand that you’re very important to them.

It doesn’t matter if your relationship is going to a higher level or not as long as you’re happy. While some people care a lot about the wedding bells, some others like to take it slow and enjoy the present. So, try to understand what your partner wants for your future and then talk things out if you think it’s necessary. How did you know that your partner was ready to take your relationship to the next level? Share your experiences with us in the comments section below. We would love to hear your story!

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