11 Secrets Of Being A Super Sleeper

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Have you ever seen a child get angry when they are sleepy? To a child, they are always missing out on the party when they fall asleep, and hence nap time becomes a struggle for the poor parents! The more mature you get, there is a change of roles, and sleeping on time suddenly becomes a pursuit. If you are an adult who has tried every trick in the book to have a normal sleep schedule but failed, we might have something you had been praying for. Go through this list of tricks followed by super sleepers that will help you maintain a healthy sleep routine.

1. Regulate The Brightness Of Your Phone

Most of our phones have auto backlight settings and it changes according to the contrast of your surrounding. However, this can be a great tool to train the circadian rhythm of your body (1). As we spend most of our day stuck to our phone, tabs, and laptop, the trick is to keep the screen bright during the day and use night light after evening. This will signal your brain to prepare for rest and help you fall asleep on time.

2. Keep Away From Caffeine In The Evening

Keep Away From Caffeine In The Evening
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As great as caffeine is to give a head start to your day, it can also be a bane to falling asleep on time. Caffeine stimulates your nervous system and shouldn’t be consumed six hours before going to bed (2). Even if you crave a cup of coffee in the late afternoon, go for decaf!

3. Reduce Irregular Naptime

Reduce Irregular Naptime
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We understand the urge to take a few beauty naps here and there, but they will confuse your bio clock and might make you stay awake all night. This is beneficial for students who need more time to study, but those who have a 9-5 job must avoid short naps altogether.

4. Consistent Hours Of Sleep

Consistent Hours Of Sleep
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Your body’s circadian rhythm functions on a loop, aligned to sunset and sunrise (3). However, pushing it to the convenience of your work-life might disrupt this and cause sleeping problems. Even if you go to sleep at odd hours, make sure you continue doing it every day to help your body get accustomed to it.

5. Take A Melatonin Supplement

Take A Melatonin Supplement
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Melatonin is a sleep hormone that helps your brain relax and get ready to sleep (4). Melatonin supplements are popular in treating insomnia and help those struggling to fall asleep (5). Make sure you consult your doctor about how many doses you must take to fall asleep the right way. It is also helpful in getting used to a different timeline for your sleep schedule.

6. Keep Away From Alcohol

Keep Away From Alcohol
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Whoever said alcohol helps you fall asleep did not recommend it after long-term trying. It has an adverse effect on your sleep hormones and might increase the symptoms of sleep apnea and disrupt your sleep patterns (6). It can also alter melatonin production and harm the natural elevations in growth hormone.

7. Optimize The Bedroom Environment

Optimize The Bedroom Environment
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The features of your bedroom, like the temperature, light, furniture, and arrangement, play a crucial role in helping you fall asleep. This is why shifting to a new place keeps you awake. Make sure you keep your bedroom as comfortable and clean as possible. Also, it should be away from the street to give you a sound sleep.

8. Set The Bedroom Temperature

Set The Bedroom Temperature
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The right room temperature can help you fall asleep much earlier than keeping it higher or lower than how much it should be (7). Even though people might have different preferences in the temperature, it should be constant and comfortable for the entire night.

9. Don’t Keep Your Dinner Late

Don't Keep Your Dinner Late
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If you have a habit of midnight snacking, it might prove to be hazardous for both your sleep schedule and health. Keeping the last meal of your day four hours before going to bed gives the best results.

10. Relax Your Mind By Evening

Relax Your Mind By Evening
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No matter how much you want to watch the late-night horror movie, don’t! It will only exercise your mind and keep you awake at night. Instead, you can go for meditating exercises and keep your mind clear before going to bed.

11. Take A Relaxing Shower

Take A Relaxing Shower
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Taking a nice relaxing shower before going to bed helps you fall asleep better. Make sure you don’t catch a cold! Dry your hair quickly, and do not lie on the bed till your hair is completely dry.

So now that you know what you need to sleep better, developing a good sleep routine shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Make sure you follow a healthy lifestyle and eat nutritious food. Also, keep your screen time in check. The lesser you use your phone before sleeping, the better. So, do you have any secrets to being a super sleeper? Let us know in the comments below.

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