Red Velvet Oreos Really Exist And They Actually Taste Good

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Last year in October, an image of Red Velvet Oreo was leaked on twitter and was immediately taken down, leading to nationwide speculation in the US as to whether it was real or not. It was very much real! In January, the brand decided to put fans out of their misery by announcing when the flavor was going to be introduced.

As if Oreos weren’t already amazing, Nabisco decided to introduce this new flavor early this year – Red Velvet – with cream cheese flavored creme. This year on February 2, after months of rumors and anticipation, the much-awaited flavor was introduced as a limited edition for Valentine’s Day.

Unlike the traditional Oreo, this new cookie is not black, but red in color. The packaging depicts a slice of a delicious looking red velvet cake, adding to the intrigue. The cookie caused a lot of excitement among Oreo and cupcake lovers, and led to numerous reviews on YouTube.

People have expressed a lot of interesting views about the taste of the cookie. The creme inside is sweeter than the typical Oreo creme, and the biscuit has the same rich chocolate flavor of a red velvet cake. Many have even added it to their favorite baking ingredients list, and have come up with recipes such as Red Velvet Oreo Brownie and Red Velvet Oreo Cheesecake.

This is not the first time that the folks at Nabisco have experimented with flavors, but it is the second time in 100 years that they’ve come up with a completely new biscuit, and it is totally awesome. Some of their other flavors include Root Beer Float, Golden Oreo, and S’mores that came out this year in May. If they keep this up, Oreo will definitely continue to be the world’s favorite cookie.

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