Where Do Women Like to Be Touched?

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You had a great date. You were really “vibing” with each other. Your prospects for the night looked very bright. And sure enough, she invited you for a nightcap. What followed was some hot and heavy action. You are pretty sure you made her achieve the heights of pleasure, or what the French refer to as La Petit Mort. Yet, here you are looking at your phone’s screen waiting for a follow-up to what is forever going to be embedded in your memory as a great night.

While this was going through your mind, this is what was going through hers, “He is not too shabby, quite a gentleman, in fact. Let’s see what the night holds for us.” And the following morning, while you were gloating in your victory, the first thought in her head, “Meh”.


Yes, that’s right. While this fictionalized scenario might touch a nerve or two, it is in actuality a very common one. And if you are looking to avoid being the dunce, as the gentleman in the aforementioned scenario, here’s a quick little guide prepared by us, that will have her taking the Lord’s name in vain and making you the king of her summit, (wink) if you know what I mean. So, the next time you’re in the sack with her, pay special attention to:

Hot Spot #9 The Nape Of Her Neck


You’ve seen it in movies, you’ve heard your friends give each other tips about this. Well, the folklore is true. It’s all in the neck. A soft peck, a light brushing of lips on her neck even a soft breath, can be a great trick to make her give you the green signals. But be sure that it’s a soft, gentle, tantalizing touch, that leaves her asking for more.

Do not take inspiration from Count Dracula.

Hot Spot #8 Her Collarbone


The collarbone or her clavicle can be a prized possession for many a woman. Why not bestow some much-needed affection on this delicate beauty. Instead of rushing things, might we suggest that you build up her curiosity for the pleasures of the night by slowly unbuttoning her top to reveal her collarbone, which you can then ply with soft butterfly kisses that will send shivers down her spine.

Try this, you won’t regret it.

Hot Spot #7 Her Lips


You might have gotten a sense of the general tone here. It’s more of a “less-is-more”.

Therefore, when it comes to her soft, luscious lips, follow our advice. With the overabundance of nerve endings, lips are some of the most sensitive body parts (1). So a gentle nibble or tug on her lips can definitely set the tone for your unforgettable night.

Hot Spot #6 Her Earlobes


Yes, her earlobes. You don’t really have to adorn her dainty earlobes with diamond earrings to prove your love to her. You can do so by paying some attention to this oft-ignored treasure nook. You can try mixing up things by gently tracing the outline of her earlobes with the tips of your fingers and then put the pedal to the metal by giving it a playful nibble.

Hot Spot #5 The Small Of Her Back


There’s nothing more reassuring than feeling your partner’s arm securely around the small of your back, supporting your spine. It’s a very endearing gesture that symbolizes warmth and a desire to protect your beloved. Now, if you are looking to spice things up, might we suggest paying a little attention to this area using your tongue or your lips. A string of kisses down her spine ending at the small of her back is certain to tilt her pleasure-o-meter in your favor.

Hot Spot #4 The Palms Of Her Hands


Before making your way to the last halt, take a little detour by taking her hands in your hands. Just like lips, hands too, are home to a large number of nerve endings (2). Trace your fingers on her palm, writing naughty or tender somethings that will make her blush and really look forward to the night. Best part, you can get a head start on your passionate night by focussing on her palms right in the middle of your dinner date. Needless to say, after this, the only dessert she would be looking forward to is you!

Hot Spot #3 The Bottom Of Her Feet


There’s no gesture that is more laced with the promise of things to come, as the foot massage. Again, this is a body part that is loaded with a lot of nerve endings, and that also makes some people ticklish, so be firm yet gentle while giving her the best foot massage of her life.

Hot Spot #2 Her Inner Thighs


Building up the tension, next, focus on her inner thighs. You are almost there yet, miles away from the final destination. As you lightly graze her inner thighs with your lips, or for the adventurous, with your tongue, it will tease her to no end. This alone is enough to prep you for an explosive finish.

Hot Spot #1 Her Pelvis


Remember it’s not about the destination, rather it’s all in the journey. The area above her pubic bone, aka, her pelvis, is pretty sensitive to touch. So as you make your way down to the end zone, we would suggest that you pay some attention to the area above it as well. Heighten the sensation of pleasuring by planting slow, soft kisses down her pelvis, giving her a sneak peek into what’s more to come (pun not intended). And after that, you both are looking forward to the grand finale, so get into it!

Finally, there you go, now you have the perfect map to give her the much-desired big O. Try these and you are sure to get a reaction similar to one pictured below.


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