The Latest Nail Art Fad That Has Captured Everyone’s Attention

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With the nail art fad being taken to another level of creativity, hump nails are trending big time. Literally! Imagine a thick, round, colorful blob pasted on your nails. Well, hump nail art is just that.

Hump Nails

Hump NailsMost of you might have experienced problems in growing long nails either because they break too soon, or your continuous work on the keyboard or kids hamper their growth. Don’t worry, hump nails are here to the rescue!

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The technique is really simple. You have to simply put a blob of acrylic paint (fabric color) on your nails, right at the center. The paint is quite thick, and it dries fast too. You may select any neutral shade for the same. Choose a good nail enamel (neutral polish) for the next coat so that your nails don’t look old and stained from heavy colors like red. Work your nails with the color(s) of your choice. Draw vertical or horizontal lines on your nails for the abstract ‘wow’ feel. If you choose to use two-three colors to coat your nails, use a fine brush to blend them properly.

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Snow Flake Bubbles

Snow Flake BubblesCoat your hump nails in a bowl of glitter or soft, small beads immediately after the nail color is applied i.e. while it is still wet. The glitter will stick completely on the nail, and if you choose silver or white glitter, it would be like wearing a heap of snowflakes on your nails. You may also experiment with different shades of glitter depending on the type of dress you wish to wear.

Glitter hump nails may not be your perfect option as a routine wear. You may choose single tones, check designs in matte shades, etc. as your nail art fad, which are classier for college and other casual affairs. For an extraordinary effect, experiment with mural designs on your hump nails, or draw little mermaids or the setting sun on them if you are super talented. Your creativity and imagination are all that matter for your nails to look stunning.

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Call them bubble nails, curve nails, or hump nails – let your creative juices flow.

Tip: Increase the ‘hump’ of your nails by adding more blobs of acrylic to the previous ones. Wait till each blob is fully dry. Work with a brush for the perfect hump. First timers can mask the outline of each nail with a cello tape that can be removed once it is done.

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