These Are The Most Searched Baby Names, According To Google

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Naming a newborn baby can be both exciting and stressful for the family. There could be some names that moms absolutely love, but dads would never prefer and vice versa. So much thought (and much argument) goes into picking a beautiful name that fits well with the family. Back in the days, it was common for parents to choose something popular in their locality; but, with the internet taking over our lives, we’ve gone international, choosing the most unique and out-of-the-box names for our little ones, regardless of the origin.

Below are the ten most popular monikers parents have chosen to name their babies, ones that have been a hit in 2020 as per search results on Google. The internet mogul Google has based this list of names for both genders. It also reported that the search interest in gender-neutral names has increased since 2004 in the US. Below listed are the most trending baby names of the past year:

1. Liam

Liam is an Irish name that means “unwavering protector”. It’s a shorter version of the German name William that means “helmet of will” or “guardian”. A modern twist to a classic name, it has become popular since the 1980s, particularly in the UK.

2. Noah

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Noah is a Biblical baby boy name derived from Hebrew meaning “rest” or “peace”. Truly calming and beautiful, this name has all the reasons to be famous in the 2020 baby name list. Though traditionally used for male babies, there’s also a female version of it making rounds on the internet, Noa, which means “one of the five daughters of Zelophehad”.

3. Olivia

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An adorable name that immediately transports us to a place so serene, Olivia has charm and elegance written all over it. And, we can’t contest the fact that it’s all the rage on the internet! A girl name with Latin roots, meaning “olive tree”, Olivia is one of the top baby girl names across European countries and is soon picking up in the US.

4. Emma

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A cute moniker of German origin, Emma means “universal”. This is a name that speaks of fame and popularity. Plus, with celebrities like Emma Watson donning this beautiful name, it’s got good reasons to be the most searched on Google. The popularity of this baby girl name began in the UK and soon made its way to the US in the early 1990s.

5. Elijah

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Parents have showered much love on this super-popular baby boy name by picking it for their little ones, especially in the US. It’s the Hebrew name for “Yahweh is God”, the name of an Israeli prophet in the Bible who went to heaven riding a chariot of fire. After long neglect, this name got a good shot of popularity via the American actor Elijah Wood.

6. Ava

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A fashionable baby girl name, Ava, has a graceful ring to it. Derived from Latin, Ava has several meanings: “life”, “bird”, “water”, “island”. It’s suggested that Ava is a contemporary version of the traditional name Eva; plus, it also boasts of roots in several cultures like German, Persian, Hebrew, and Latin.

7. Charlotte

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A girl name of French origin which means “free man”, Charlotte is dipped in sophistication. A classic moniker with a legendary lineage, this feminine name has seen a steep rise in popularity as it sounds so lush and appealing. Quite an apt name choice for your munchkin, it’s surely got a regal touch.

8. Aiden

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Though a baby boy name with Irish roots, the gender-neutral appeal is undoubtedly a reason why a large number of parents have chosen this name for their precious one. Meaning “little and fiery”, it’s a variant of the anglicized alternative Aidan. Plus, with a wide choice of spellings that add to its popularity, this baby boy name has garnered much love worldwide.

9. Jaxon

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Jaxon has been climbing in popularity since the late 90s, and as the search engine results prove, it’s still so adored by many. An English-origin boy name, it means “son of Jack”. To rev up the uber-cool factor of Jackson, the stylish variant Jaxon is being widely used by parents to name their baby boys.

10. Sophia

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Another great name for a baby girl, Sophia, is of Greek origin, meaning “wisdom”. A name with a sensuous tinge to it, Sophia is a top girl name in the Western world. It’s a real winner in the list of baby girl names, with skyrocketing popularity among a broad range of parents.

Whether the syllable is twisted to make a new name or inspired by celebrity monikers, parents tend to look up the whole of the world wide web to settle on a name that suits their taste and what they’d have their child stand for. And whatever the choice, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to naming a child. Which among these do you like? Do share your favorite baby name choices with us in the comments section below!

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