Men Reveal 7 Signs That Show They Are in Love

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Being in love is undoubtedly a fantastic feeling. While expressing emotions comes naturally to women, men are more apprehensive about showing when they’re in love with someone. This is what leads most people to believe that men, in general, are not capable of love. It is a bummer, isn’t it?

So, we went around snooping and asked some millennial men to reveal their secrets. No longer do you girls need to wonder whether he’s head-over-heels for you or not. Take a good look, his actions might be speaking volumes!

1. He Is Not Afraid To Get Emotional Around You

Owing to the societal pressures of having to be tough all the time, being vulnerable as a concept is foreign to most men. But, if he exposes his emotional side in front of you, you know he’s a keeper. A real sign of affection involves him letting you know that he’s always going to be there when you need him.

2. He Listens To Everything You’ve Got To Say

He Listens To Everything You've Got To Say
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In this day and age, where people hardly find time for themselves, if your man’s in love, he’ll be there to listen to you yap about the most trivial of things. And you’ll know that he was paying attention when he brings up an important fact in future conversations. So, trust us, if you see this sign, he might not just be there to get into your pants – there’s something more!

3. He Wants To Meet Your Loved Ones

He Wants To Meet Your Loved Ones
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Be it wanting to hang out with your friends on the weekend, or longing to meet your family when they visit your city, if he says yes, ladies, don’t let him go! If he wants to make a good impression on your loved ones, it is because he respects you and knows the importance they hold in your life.

4. He Wants To Do Everything With You

He Wants To Do Everything With You
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Okay, I know it sounds too good to be true, but it is real. If he is ready to do everyday things like grocery shopping or doing the laundry, it doesn’t mean he loves doing the chores. Instead, it makes it crystal clear that he wants to spend more time with you, so go ahead and let him in!

5. He Calls You Beautiful Everyday

He Calls You Beautiful Everyday
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While women are concerned about their looks (almost every single second), guys hardly care how you look when they’re in love with you. Be it your morning bun and dark circles or your ramp-ready look for the night, he’s never too shy to admit that you look beautiful every day in every way.

6. He Doesn’t Forget Important Events

He Doesn't Forget Important Events
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Maybe he doesn’t remember that restaurant you visited when you first met. But, if he remembers and probably reminds you of your mom’s birthday that’s coming up, it’s a sign of affection that you mustn’t ignore. If he remembers all the important upcoming events and plans ahead, it shows he can’t wait to spend more with you.

7. He Pushes You To Follow Your Dreams

He Pushes You To Follow Your Dreams
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No matter how crazy your ideas or ambitious your dreams might sound, he is ready to lend his support in any way possible. Many men treat their partner’s achievements as a way to compete, but not him. Rather, he always tries to celebrate your victories together. Even if you get a sudden craving for ice cream at 4 in the morning, he’s ready to do it with you. Isn’t that love?

If your man shows these signs in some manner or the other, you must know it is more than just infatuation. Let us know how you realized that he’s in love with you in the comments below!

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