5 Massage Techniques To Soothe A Pregnant Woman

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Treating a mom-to-be to some much-needed relaxation can be a wonderful gesture, especially considering the physical and emotional challenges that come with pregnancy. The body undergoes significant changes during this time, often causing discomfort and stress. This is where partners, friends, or family members can step in to offer a helping hand and provide a comforting massage. Whether it’s a pesky stomach cramp, swollen feet, or aching back, a gentle and soothing massage can work wonders. What’s more, research suggests that prenatal massages can offer more than just relaxation; they can have additional health benefits (1). If you’re interested in learning how to give a pregnant woman a truly exceptional massage, you’ve come to the right place. This article explores various techniques to help bring comfort and relief to expectant mothers.

1. Make Sure She’s In A Comfortable Position

Every pregnant woman deserves comfort and care, especially considering the physical challenges they face. However, when providing relief, it’s crucial not to inadvertently add to their strain. It’s important for expectant mothers to avoid lying on their backs during a massage. This position can compress blood vessels due to the baby’s weight and the growing uterus, potentially reducing blood flow to the placenta (2).

For the safest and most comfortable experience, consider having the pregnant woman lie on her side with the assistance of pillows under her leg, belly, and head. Alternatively, she can kneel or sit on the floor with her arms resting on the bed or an exercise ball. It’s crucial to select a position that ensures her utmost comfort before beginning the massage.

2. Massage Their Neck And Shoulders To Relieve Tension

Massage Their Neck And Shoulders To Relieve Tension
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It’s well-known that pregnancy places a lot of strain on the back and neck muscles as they adjust to the shifting center of gravity caused by a growing fetus. Consequently, these muscles are susceptible to soreness, but there are techniques to relieve this discomfort. Begin by gently placing one hand on her shoulder, focusing on the area where the shoulder meets the neck. Then, slowly glide your hand upward to the base of her skull and back down to her shoulders, moving outward. Afterward, repeat the same action on the other side with your opposite hand.

3. A Scalp Massage Can Work Wonders For Relaxation

A good scalp massage is just what the future mama needs to unwind. Put your hands around her head, somewhere behind her ears. Then simply move your hand in a circular motion gently. Then you can isolate between moving the motion up through her hair and then down towards her neck. Make sure to use your fingers to apply gentle pressure on the scalp.

4. Rub Either Side Of Her Spine To Ease Sore Muscles

Rub Either Side Of Her Spine To Ease Sore Muscles
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The expanding baby bump often leads to significant back pain, making this message particularly comforting. With the expectant mother resting on her side, position your hands on either side of her spine. Proceed to apply gentle, rhythmic kneading motions up and down her back, using the base of your hands or your thumbs. In addition to pain relief, a soothing back massage can offer other advantages for the pregnant mother, such as regulating hormones, reducing the risk of swelling, enhancing blood circulation, and promoting better sleep quality.

5. Massage Her Legs And Feet To Help Relieve Pain And Swelling

Massage Her Legs And Feet To Help Relieve Pain And Swelling
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During pregnancy, one significant change in a woman’s body is the reduction in blood volume. Consequently, blood circulation to the legs can often become slow and sluggish, potentially increasing the risk of blood clots (3). When massaging her feet and legs, be sure to exercise extra caution and gentleness. For the legs, it’s best to use a flat palm and make upward and downward rubbing movements. When massaging her feet, use your hands to apply pressure. Employ your thumbs to create gentle circular motions around the ankles and heels. Softly pulling her toes or using your fingers between them can also be soothing.

Being pregnant can be hard, tiresome and taxing. So sometimes it’s nice to relax and have a loved one look after you and help soothe your aches and pains. Treat the expecting mother to a massage and they will be grateful for the love and care.

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