How To Wear Stick On Bra – Types, When To Wear And Health Hazards

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Walking into a party in a really expensive outfit is all chica until your bra strap starts digging into your flesh like a vampire. That wouldn’t be a pleasant night like you imagined it to be for sure. Bras are not just tiny pieces of fabric; they have their own importance in a woman’s closet. If you don’t pay enough attention while purchasing and wearing your bras, it can ruin your whole look. The right bra will give you good support, right shape, and comfort without leaving any marks on your body. With a gazillion types of bras out there, finding the right one can be overwhelming. However, the actual struggle comes when you’ve got to wear an off-shoulder or a backless dress and you don’t want to show off your strapped buddy. This is when stick on bras can be saviors!

Stick on bras can be simply stuck on your skin and adjusted to provide you all the benefits of a regular bra. It’s not going to look like sticky notes on a notice board. It clearly works a lot better than you can imagine. Read on to know more about these amazing bras.

What Exactly Are Stick On Bras?

Stick on a.k.a sticky bras are adhesive bras that stick to the underside of your breasts without any straps or hooks. These bras are usually made of materials like silicone and polyurethane along with medical grade adhesives for the sticky part. They are your best buddies if you love to wear clothes that reveal your shoulders and back.

Benefits Of Stick On Bras

Benefits Of Stick On Bras
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Regular bras are “regular” for a reason. They are basic and can’t provide the extra benefits that stick on bras give. You won’t have the problem of evil neon straps peeking out of your black dress or poking hooks that won’t let you lean back and relax. Here are a few reasons why you should seriously consider getting stick on bras:

  • Stick on bras don’t hurt you the way your regular bras do. There’s nothing to poke you like those super tight straps, underwires, or sharp hooks.
  • You can wear any type of clothes you want without worrying about the occasional cameo appearances by your bra.
  • A wrong sized regular bra can cause breast pain and backache but a sticky bra is softer and much more flexible.
  • Tight bras can lead to blocked lymphatic nodes in the breasts which can be harmful and can even lead you to cancer (1). Adhesive bras are more elastic owing to which we can rule out this possibility.
  • Regular bras train your breast muscles to be lazy due to which they lose their natural strength over time. This will lead to faster sagging in the future. But if you’re using a sticky bra, your muscles will remain naturally firm.

How To Wear Sticky Bras?

How To Wear Sticky Bras
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Wearing sticky bras can be tricky if you don’t know how to do it the right way. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to wear an adhesive bra:

  • Make sure that your breasts are dry before you stick the bra because moisture can bring down its adhesiveness and might cause the bra to slip out.
  • Unclasp your bra and stick the cups one by one under each breast at the level that you feel will give you the maximum support.
  • Now, position your cups vertically from bottom to top and stick the cup gently around your breasts one by one.
  • Once you’ve stuck the cups on point, clasp them together and you’re done!

Types Of Stick On Bras

Types Of Stick On Bras
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Stick on bras are of many types depending on their shapes and materials. There are push up bras in regular shapes, bras for deeper necklines, the ones in which you can tie up the cups to enhance your cleavage, and even hot lacy ones. You get them in lightly padded and fully padded varieties with or without underwires.

When To Wear Stick On Bras?

When To Wear Stick On Bras
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Sticky bras can be worn anytime if you love the carefree feeling. However, here are a few types of dresses that demand the companion of these wondrous bras.

  • Backless tops and back cut out dresses/rompers
  • Halter neck dresses or tops
  • Outfits with plunging necklines
  • Naked dresses
  • Off shoulder clothes

Possible Health Hazards Of Sticky Bras

Possible Health Hazards Of Sticky Bras
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This article is incomplete without letting you know about the possible downsides of stick on bras. Here are some of the issues that you may face while using them:

  • Low-quality silicone cups can cause allergies that might lead to rashes and skin irritation. Make sure you only use sticky bras of good quality to avoid this.
  • Silicone’s low breathability can cause issues if you wear these bras too often. Wear these bras only when they are necessary and not all the time.
  • Dirt and sweat can serve as a breeding ground for bacteria on the bras. To avoid infections, clean your sticky bras regularly.

You can use your sticky bras a few times before they lose their adhesiveness. But that’s okay because these bras are not as expensive as you think and even a few rounds of use is worth your money. Have you ever used stick on bras? Share your experience with us in the comments.

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