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Have you ever walked into a room and felt like throwing up? Sometimes, no matter how much time we spend on scrubbing and cleaning the place, it can be very unpleasant. Things like your fridge, bathroom, waste bins, and even shoes that we don’t give much attention to, can ruin the fresh fragrance of your house even if you spray air fresheners every day. Potpourri, room fresheners, incense sticks, scented candles, and oil diffusers are all the most common answers when it comes to keeping the house smelling pleasant. These things can cost you a fortune if you’re going to use them for all of your rooms. But don’t worry because there are some amazing DIY hacks that are cost-effective and will make your house smell like a meadow!

Most people prefer to “shop” for their fragrance needs because they are convenient. These hacks are very easy and will not drain your precious time. A lot of things like lemon peels and vanilla essence that you find in your kitchen can actually kick the bad smell out of your rooms. Read on to know some of the best fragrance hacks that we’ve chosen for you.

1) Dry Shampoo Is Not Just For The Hair

Your shoe rack can sometimes stink worse than a gutter if you or your homies have sweaty feet. This is probably the first scent that welcomes you and your guests home. To avoid the embarrassing situation, spray some dry shampoo inside your shoes before you wear them. It will also keep your feet away from the horrible stink.

2) When Life Throws Lemons At You, Collect Them. They’re Valuable!

When Life Throws Lemons At You Collect Them. Theyre Valuable
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Lemons are amazing! Their citric smell can lighten up anyone’s mood in just seconds. Cut a lemon in slices and keep them in a small dish in every room including the bathroom. Also, you can keep it near litter boxes and dog houses. If you have a humidifier that starts smelling funky, just mix the water with three or four tablespoons of lemon juice. After making lemonades, don’t throw away the peels because they are important too! Crush the peels and freeze them as cubes in an ice tray and drop a few in your garbage bin to control the stink.

3) It’s a Fridge! Not A Coffin For Your Veggies

Its a Fridge Not A Coffin For Your Veggies
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Your fridge is meant to keep your food fresh. But sometimes an overly riped banana can make the whole fridge smell like a compost tank! Keep a cotton ball soaked in some vanilla essence in your fridge to remove the smell that spoilt food items leave behind.

4) Freshly Baked Cookies! Sorry, It’s Just The Scent

Freshly Baked Cookies! Sorry, Its Just The Scent
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Do you have a fetish for the aroma of baked food? If you do, just bake 2 tablespoons of vanilla essence in your oven for about 20 minutes. Set the oven at 300 degrees and wait for the magic to happen! Leave the oven open to spread the smell throughout your kitchen and to the other rooms as well. This trick will not only make your home smell delicious but it will get rid of any other nasty smells that are trapped inside your oven.

5) Mistletoe For Kissing And Eucalyptus for Showering

Mistletoe For Kissing And Eucalyptus for Showering
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Hang a bunch of fresh eucalyptus leaves behind your shower head to keep your bathroom give out an amazing smell all the time. When you take a hot shower, the steam will stimulate these leaves to release its fragrant oil which will also help you relax.

6) Latte In The Cup And In The Air

Latte In The Cup And In The Air
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If you love to sniff your coffee as much as you love to drink it, this is the perfect fragrance hack for you. Fill a few cups with coffee beans (even the used ones would do) and insert a vanilla scented candle in between. Place the cup in different corners of your rooms. Light the candles, and enjoy!

7) Dish Washer Smelling Like Fish Washer?

Dish Washer Smelling Like Fish Washer
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Dishwashers can often smell bad and most of us rely on the soap smell that never really works satisfactorily. You can’t light a candle or spray an air freshener in there! But don’t worry because using a citrous flavored cold drink syrup or powder will do the trick.

8) Homemade Potpourri For The Special Occasions

Homemade Potpourri For The Special Occasions
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Simmer some homemade potpourri in a pan and let the steam spread throughout the house. A few pieces of dried oranges, lemons, and flowers in two cups of water are enough to make your place smell like an orchard.

9) Paint The Town Vanilla!

Paint The Town Vanilla!
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The sickening smell of wall paint can last up to weeks and can create an annoying atmosphere to breathe in. To dial this strong smell down, add a tablespoon of vanilla extract into the paint tub before you start with the colors.

10) Bye Bye Cigarette Smell

Bye Bye Cigarette Smell
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Smoking kills and so does the unpleasant smell of the cigarettes. If there’s one person who smokes in the house, it need not bother the rest. If the smoke is fresh, moisten a cloth with vinegar and wave it around the place. If you want to get rid of the smell completely, place a few shallow bowls of white/apple cider vinegar in the room for a day.

A mere smell can influence our emotions, behavior and long-term memory. It can lower stress, boost attraction, and calm you down for a good sleep. On the other hand, bad smells can affect your mood in a negative way which is why it’s important to keep your home pleasantly fragrant. How do you keep your home away from the unpleasant smell? Let us know in the comments below.

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