This Is What Getting The Love You Deserve Feels Like

Written by Anjala Farahath
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When do you know that you have finally been blessed with the love that you deserve? It’s a shame that there’s no formula to crack that conundrum, but there’s definitely a realization that’s determined by a burst of emotions. Suddenly, you feel like the world is all about rainbows and daisies. You feel like there’s nothing to complain about.

When you get the love you deserve, it feels like the cathartic warmth after a chaotic snowstorm, it feels like the first breath you take after being held underwater, it feels like the palatable home cooked meal after ages of restaurant takeouts. It feels like the first sip of water after years of thirst, it feels like finally clicking the perfect picture, it feels gratifying, it feels like home. Although not conspicuous, these feelings will make you feel like a different person altogether. Above all, you start to feel alive, and what’s a better feeling than that?

We have often been told (and experienced) that love is special and winning the love we are worthy of is a liberating emotion. So, we asked a few women to tell us exactly what they felt when they found themselves at the receiving end of the love they deserve. Here’s what they had to say:

1. You Finally Get To Be Yourself

You Finally Get To Be Yourself
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“I kissed a lot of frogs before I finally wrapped my arms around my prince charming. I could tell that he was different from the others because whenever I spent time with him, I didn’t have to pretend. It was no more about pretentious date nights or lustful sessions between the sheets, it was about just being happy knowing that he is with me. I could be my weird, jumpy self with him. I could speak without weighing my words and I could live freely and be loved for who I truly was. In that moment, I realized that when you finally find someone who can make you feel happy in a way that no one else can, you have found a love that you deserve. I could finally be myself, and that too, unapologetically.”

Saima, 26

2. You Feel Secure

You Feel Secure
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“After a long and unruly marriage, I had lost myself. But, when I met Amar, I realized that love wasn’t about tying the knot, it was about being able to connect with each other and feeling secure in each other’s presence. When the person who loves you, assures you that they won’t run away when times get tough it feels like you are worthy. And they make you feel worthy with small gestures like checking up on you in the middle of a busy day that’s got them neck deep in work. That kind of love is what warms your heart and makes you feel secure.”

Shyla, 32

3. You Feel Confident

You Feel Confident
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“I was quite an average girl all my life and I had no qualms about it. I was happy being the background noise. But, when my boyfriend happened to me, he made me bring out the best in me. He didn’t nag around, neither he did tell me what to do and what not to, he just made me feel confident about my ideas that I often stammered out to people. He made me feel comfortable about being emotionally guarded. It was like seeing myself with a new set of spectacles. I think, his love made me believe in myself a little more, and love myself a little more. There’s no better love than the love that makes you feel good about yourself.”

Aaliyah, 25

4. You Feel Like You’ve Found Hogwarts

You Feel Like You’ve Found Hogwarts
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“Finding someone who gives you the love you deserve is like finding magic. It’s like an end to a search that you’ve been on for years together to just find that magical broomstick that can make you soar high in the sky and take you to Hogwarts. People often mistake love to be true when it’s all about gifts and surprises. But, when you actually find the love that values you, you feel like all your dreams have come true, and you feel like that little kid watching the magician cast a spell that leaves you stupefied.”

Carol, 23

5. You Feel On Top Of The World

You Feel On Top Of The World
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“It’s wonderful when you don’t have to beg for attention. From indulging you in your guilty pleasures to kicking your derriere to get your workouts pumping, this person makes you his priority. The fact that they are invested in you beyond measure makes you feel like you’re the luckiest girl in the world. You feel like every hurdle can be overcome because you’ve got your love supporting you. Life seems easy and enjoyable”.

Ronita, 30

This Is What Getting The Love You Deserve Feels Like
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Just like these lucky people found the love they truly deserved, we hope that you too find someone who loves you truly. If a man/woman you love no longer loves you and starts to ignore you, do yourself a favor and quietly move on. Don’t leave him/her angry messages to make him “see your worth”, and don’t wait for him to “realize what he is losing”. Instead, collect yourself and leave, because you deserve a love that is sure of you and not the one that needs you to implore for attention and love. You deserve someone who loves you just like you love them. You deserve someone who makes it difficult for you to differentiate between a beautiful dream and the reality. When you find this person, there may not be any violins ringing in the background, but you will know that s/he is here to stay – through thick and thin – and they will do so not because they are compelled to but because they want to. No matter what people say, never settle for less, you will cross paths with that perfect person when the time is right, because you deserve all of this and more, and you deserve it all for a lifetime!

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