5 Foods That Speed Up Aging

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In this day and age where people would give anything to look ten years younger, some are just getting older by sitting on their couch and eating junk all day. Strange? Well, it is true. Apart from the usual factors which influence the way you age- smoking, surroundings, sun exposure, genetics; food plays a starring role too (1). “You are what you eat,” sounds all the more relatable now, doesn’t it?

But, hey, don’t fret. It’s never too late. There’s always time to rectify mistakes and start focusing on making your body fitter than it was yesterday. We bring you a list of 5 foods that you must avoid in order to maintain a fitter and healthier version of yourself.

1. Sugar

I think sugar has developed a bad reputation for being one of the unhealthiest ingredients in the food world over time. While it does make everything better for your tongue, the same cannot be said for your heart. Excess weight, elevated blood sugar, decreased HDL and increased LDL, and high blood pressure, are just the top of the list. Though, what you might not know is that it affects your skin as well (2). By consuming too much sugar, you are essentially damaging the elastin and collagen that keep your skin youthful and firm. Once that happens, it can lead to sagging skin and wrinkles.

2. Trans Fats

Junk food, pies, pastries, deep fried foods, and canned products are just slowly eating up your youth. If you begin to cut these off from your diet, you are likely to notice significant changes in your body. These products contain trans-fats which cause inflammation in your system. It causes your arteries to stiffen and blocks the natural flow of blood which eventually causes adverse effects on your skin. It may cause you to look stiffer, older as well as more wrinkled. You might need to beware because the label might state zero trans-fats even if they contain half a gram.

3. Alcohol

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While we do not need to state it, alcohol is bad for your health, at least too much of it is. In fact, excess alcohol can speed up the ageing process. You may come face-to-face with wrinkles, elasticity, loss of collagen, redness, puffiness, and dehydration. Moderate alcohol consumption, on the other hand, can be beneficial to your health. We are not saying that you miss out on that glass of red wine on the weekend, but you might be better off cutting it down on the weekdays!

4. Salt

Excessive salt intake raises your blood pressure, increases your risks of heart diseases and leaves you bloated, leading to dehydration (3). When your skin feels dehydrated, you are more likely to look older and worn out. And you don’t want that, right? Hence, it is best to consume a balanced diet with an optimum amount of salt.

5. Low-Fat Foods

Low-Fat Foods
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The low-fat fad has been doing the rounds for quite a while now. But, the reality is that low-fat foods can actually make you look older. Contrary to popular belief, “fat” does not make you fat. When you eat low-fat foods, you are basically depriving your body of the essential nutrients needed to keep you fit and more importantly, keeping your skin healthy. Since, fats are responsible for building membranes and encourage hair growth, be sure to include healthy fats in your diet.

Whenever you begin to feel that your skin is not as youthful as it used to be, it might be time to assess your diet. By merely refraining from consuming these foods, you can be sure of a vibrant, energetic, and a younger you.

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