These Are The Hottest Baby Names For 2020

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Is there anything that is more difficult than having a baby? Yes, there is. Here, we are talking about the pressure of coming up with a perfect name for your little one. If your due date is around the corner, you will surely agree with us. Just try bringing up the ‘baby name’ topic in front of your partner and you can expect a full-fledged verbal war that can go on for ages altogether. Amid all the potential names, you are bound to hear the word ‘veto’ more than you would like to. And, one thing that soon becomes clear to both of you is that there is no clear winner in this debate.

But, fear not! It is that awesome time of the year where we bring to you the hottest baby names- the names that are going to be a huge rage in the upcoming year. So, if you haven’t zeroed in on a name yet, grab your popcorn and get ready for this big reveal:

1. Xenia

Suddenly, the names starting with unusual letters like X, Y, or Z have been making waves across the globe. Xenia, which finds its origin in the Greek language, means hospitality and can be a perfect name for your little princess.

2. Abeer

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The trending baby boy name, Abeer, refers to the auspicious, fragrant red powder that is traditionally used during the occasion of Holi.

3. Mokshita

A feminine name, Mokshita, is quite unique and rare. Derived from a Hindi word, the name means liberated and free.

4. Advik

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Don’t we always wish for our little ones to be able to hold their own among the crowd? If yes, then here is a perfect name for your ‘unique’ baby boy.

5. Aashiyana

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This baby girl name signifies the concept of an ideal and beautiful home. And, to think of it, this is what your home will beautifully transform into with the arrival of your darling daughter. Isn’t it?

6. Devansh

A baby boy name, Devansh, is quietly gaining popularity across masses. And, rightfully so. This blissful name means ‘an eternal part of God’.

7. Ekantika

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The name that finds its origin in the Hindi language refers to someone who is focused and devoted to a single aim. And, don’t we all want our daughter to grow up to be just like that?

8. Kiaan

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The name that signifies the immense grace of God is a perfect fit for the little baby boy. Don’t you all agree?

9. Amara

Yes, this is the Hindi word ‘Amar’ with a twist. This beautiful girl name means ‘eternal’. And, is a perfect name to signify the impact that she will create in everyone’s minds ‘forever’!

10. Rayaan

This name refers to the universe, the galaxy, or even the gates of the heaven. Isn’t this a magnificent name for your magnificent baby boy?

11. Wishi

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Isn’t this a pretty quirky name? While it sounds refreshing on one hand, its meaning is purely traditional on the other hand. This beautiful name for a little princess refers to ‘fulfilling a wish’.

12. Rushil

Don’t we all wish for our babies to grow up to be as charming as Mr. Darcy? Of course, we do. So, do the ‘shubh aarambh’ (means: auspicious beginning) by giving him a name that means the same.

13. Giva

This unique name finds its origin in Hindi and means ‘hills’ or ‘of high place’? Doesn’t it sound totally royal?

14. Vihaan

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This beautiful baby boy name has an even more beautiful meaning. Vihaan refers to dawn or morning, something that aptly describes the importance of your little one in your life.

Hasn’t the process of naming these little bundles of joy become more confusing than how it was earlier? But now that you have these array of names to choose from, take a pick. Good luck, mommies!

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