5 Organic Just WOW DIY Bath Scrubs That You Can Make In Your Kitchen

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Our body sheds dead skin cells by the thousands every day. Cell renewal is an essential process for healthy and glowing skin. In addition to this natural shedding process, a multitude of external factors like pollution, dust, and the sun damage our skin, making it dull and dry or super oily, depending on where you are on the skin texture scale.

To keep your skin healthy, glowing, and also tan-free, you should definitely include scrubs in your skin care routine. Scrubs help in exfoliating the skin, thus getting rid of the dead and dull skin cells and exposing healthy cells to the surface. They also aid in removing tan and providing nourishment to your skin. We bring to you the best scrubs that you can make easily at home to get that amazing glow.

1. Homemade Foot Scrub Recipe To Pamper Your Feet!

Imagine this – you have bought the best pair of heels ever, and you are super excited to wear them. However, your feet don’t match your new purchase’s beauty. Don’t worry! We have the perfect DIY solution for you.

Rough and dry feet are never pretty, and good care needs to be taken to have those feet looking beautiful at all times. Follow the instructions in the video to make a simple scrub at home. The coarse salt will help in getting rid of the dead cells and dust, and the almond oil will provide the nourishment to help with the dryness. The lavender oil, on the other hand, will leave remove any foul odor and leave your feet feeling and smelling fresh.

2. DIY: Face Scrub Recipe Directly From Your Kitchen

The skin on your face is more sensitive than most parts of your body, and is, unfortunately, also the one thing that is mostly exposed to the pollution, harsh sun rays, and hard water. By using this face scrub on a regular basis, you can help your skin in its natural shedding process. At the same time, you can remove the dirt and dust and provide it with the nutrients it requires.

Oatmeal not only nourishes the skin but also makes it soft and smooth. The coconut oil works excellently to remove all dirt from the face. Chamomile tea has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. All in all, this potent scrub will get rid of dryness, dullness, acne, and scars.

3. Bid Goodbye To Chapped Lips With This Homemade Scrub

Our lips are constantly exposed to the wind, pollutants, and the sun, as a result of which they become dull, chapped, and dark. Not to forget, the constant application of lipsticks and other lip coloring products add to the damage.

Regular exfoliation using the right ingredients is essential to get that rosy, sexy pout. You need a good exfoliant and sugar. Coconut oil (you can also use olive oil) can help your lips become soft, smooth, and healthy.

Follow the simple instructions given in the video to make this homemade scrub.

4. Banish Rough And Dry Skin With This All-Natural Body Scrub

In addition to your feet, face, and lips, dead cells can also accumulate in different parts of your body and give a darker appearance. Proper exfoliation all over your body will give you smooth, supple, and glowing skin.

Sugar can be used as an exfoliant for your body. It removes the dead cells easily. The nourishment is taken care of by the almond oil, which is known to reduce signs of aging and also remove dirt rooted in the deeper layers of the skin. Vanilla extract is rich in essential nutrients for skin health, especially vitamin B complex. It also has anti-aging properties.

5. Make Your Own Sea Salt Body Scrub With This Simple Recipe

There are many different possible combinations of ingredients that you can make for that perfect body scrub for your skin. Just make sure to include a good exfoliant, an ingredient that will provide nourishment, and something that will hold your scrub together (usually oils).

Apart from sugar, salt is another good exfoliant that is extensively used in scrubs. Coarse salt forms of table salt, rock salt, or sea salt can be used. An oil, like almond oil or olive oil, will hold your scrub together. These oils also give relief from dryness and provide essential nutrients to the skin. Adding essential oils, such as lavender oil, will help you relax during the scrubbing.

Now that you know these simple DIYs to make a homemade scrub, go ahead and include them in your beauty routine. Healthy, soft, and glowing skin is just around the corner!

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