15 Spooky DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

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The scariest time of the year, Halloween is almost here! That means it’s time to plan your costumes and go trick or treating with your friends! And if you’re more interested in hosting, you better start making a list of all the décor items you’ll need to get your house spooked up! It’s not very easy to find time to make Halloween décor at home which is why people buy the decorations from stores. And the end result of this? Every house looks pretty much the same on Halloween night. To avoid this, you can mix up a little bit of your creativity with the classic Halloween ideas and make time-saving décor items.

Below is a list of 15 easy Halloween décor ideas that you may want to give a try.

1. Spooky Garden Décor

Starting your Halloween decoration right from your garden is a great idea. It will be a trailer to the awesome show that you have going inside. All you need are some scary ghost elements and an old wooden signboard on which you can write “Trespassers will be eaten.” The wooden board can be easily made at home and remember to write the message in red or black. Also, make sure you make all the elements including the signboard life-size so that they are visible for the people who are passing by, even from a distance. Your guests and the kids around are so going to love this décor!

2. Scary Straws

Scary Straws
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These straws are perfect for your Halloween party! You can make paper cut out of bats, Jack-O’-lanterns, spiders, ghosts, skulls, and everything scary and stick them to the top part of the straws. Remember to use thick paper for this purpose and non-toxic gum to stick.

3. Doggo Costume

Doggo Costume
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Why leave your doggo out when you’re having all the fun? Cut out eyes and mouth from a white paper cloth and let your furry friend be a part of Halloween too.

4. Bat Wall

Bat Wall
Image: IStock

Choose a darker colored wall and stick bat cut outs and spider cut outs on them. To add to the spookiness, use a spider web prop too.

5. Jack-O’-Lanterns

Image: IStock

Ah! The classic old Jack-o’-lanterns. It’s not Halloween without one, is it? There are tones of YouTube videos on how to make them at home with fresh pumpkins. And if you don’t want to do that, you can always buy them.

6. Skeleton Dinner

Skeleton Dinner
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Right when your guests feel that you’ve scared them enough with the front yard and the living room, you can give them a surprise with a few skeletons in your dining room.

7. Halloween Cookies

Halloween Cookies
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If you’re going to bake cookies on Halloween anyway, why not make them a little scary?

8. Maple Leaf Ghost

Maple Leaf Ghost
Image: Shutterstock

Maple leaves are of a peculiar shape, have you noticed? Just paint them white and draw eyes to make little ghosts out of them.

9. Bloody Candles

Bloody Candles
Image: Shutterstock

Melt a red candle and pour the wax little by little over your white candles. That’s all you’ve got to do these bloody candles.

10. Bottle Mummies

Bottle Mummies
Image: Shutterstock

It’s hard to decide if these little bottle mummies are scary or cute. Get your empty glass bottles and cover them up with a bandage cloth partially. Draw eyes and mouth on them and leave a lit candle or a bulb inside the bottle to make them look scarier (or cuter).

11. Broom Mystery Man

Broom Mystery Man
Image: Shutterstock

Have any brooms lying around in the storeroom? Put a hat and a pair of sunglass on them to place them at random corners inside your house.

12. Spooky Balloons

Spooky Balloons
Image: Shutterstock

Balloons are always cute and festive. But if they are for Halloween, they have to be a bit scary too! Use colors like orange, white, and black as they go best with the theme.

13. Floating Ghost

Floating Ghost
Image: Shutterstock

Floating ghosts are also a classic décor item when it comes to Halloween. Just get a plain white cloth, stick some cut outs in the shape of eyes and hang them down from your roof. Fix a yellow or blue bulb inside and turn off the lights in the room to make things better.

14. Pumpkin Scarecrow

Pumpkin Scarecrow
Image: Shutterstock

Well, these are just like Jack-O’-lanterns, but with hay bodies and clothes. A lot of people hate scarecrows because they are really spooky even without the scary pumpkin head. Place this scarecrow in your yard or inside your room.

15. Doll On The Swing

Doll On The Swing
Image: Shutterstock

Who doesn’t like cute dolls? We all do. But imagine a cute doll covered in the spider web and surrounded by skeletons? Even the cutest dolls will look scary then. You don’t need a doll like the one in the movie Annabelle for this, any normal doll would do.

Now that you know how to set your place up for this Halloween, give some thought on your costume too! Also, play spooky tunes on the speakers all night and watch a scary movie with your family and friends! And don’t blame us if the dead actually crawls in because your place looks too familiar (giggles). Have more Halloween décor ideas? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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