10 Cute Little Things All Happy Couples Do Right *Before* Sex!

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Oh, the joys of being truly in love.

There’s no simple way to say this, but here it goes: there exists a delicate, fine line between loving somebody and being in love with somebody – and the day you unlock this mystery is the day you finally become whole.

When you’re in love, you just know. It’s the stomach-churning, giddy anticipation at the thought of meeting him, the heart palpitating euphoria on sharing a smile across the room, and also the heart-wrenching agony at seeing him hurt. True, your emotions are intense and soul-searing, but it’s also the adorable little things you begin to catch yourself doing that make you realize you have fallen for him hook, line, and sinker.

Remember how you always made fun of that cheesy, oh-so-in-love couple on the silver screen? Well, forget cheesy, when it comes to your other half, you’re the whole damned dairy farm. From staring into each other’s eyes like love-struck loonies to drawing gooey hearts on the bathroom mirror. You do it all.

And since we’re so very helpful, here’s a list of ten purely cheesy things happy couples in love also happen to do right before having some under-the-sheets fun. You’re welcome.

1. Tease Each Other

When it comes to those pre-lovemaking activities, every happy couple worth their salt enjoys indulging in some good old teasing. It’s precious, it’s fun, and it boosts a couple’s intimacy almost exponentially. All couples need to have a bit of a laugh together. Just like Mr. Big so sagely says in Sex & The City, “After a while, you just want to be with someone who makes you laugh.”

2. Hold Hands 

It may seem too vanilla, but in terms of intimacy, this simple, innocuous move is a beautiful, powerful gesture that can feed one’s very soul. True, it is the sort of intimacy that every couple indulges in, but a happy couple is one who reaches for each other’s hand even in bed.

3. Kiss Like, Everywhere

3. Like, Everywhere
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A really happy couple usually has mastered the art of kissing to perfection. And to say they enjoy the act would be a shameful understatement. These folks truly appreciate the importance of kissing not only in terms of physical pleasure but also crave the mental and emotional meeting that it is. Bonus? Nothing can make your heart race like a long, passionate kiss that proceeds, well, everywhere.

4. Discuss Their Future Together 

It doesn’t really matter what lemons life may be pelting at them, a couple happy in love usually always ends up discussing what they’d like their future to look like together, as a team. Like a child yearning to listen to his favorite bedtime tale, these adults in love inevitably always circle back to this subject, marveling in shared wonder and hope about what tomorrow could be.

5. Stare Into Each Other’s Eyes

5. Stare Into Each Other’s Eyes
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 Cheesy at an almost epic scale? Yes.

But they don’t care.

It is said that the eyes are the windows to one’s soul. Well, in that case, happy couples love to peer into their significant other’s very spirit. We can only guess that they really like what they see.

6. Cuddle Sessions

There is no joy in the world as precious as coming back home to cuddle with your significant other and just bask in warmth and love as all your day’s troubles simply melt away. A happy couple in love understands this and craves the emotional sanctuary that is their other half’s embrace.

7. Flirtatious Talk

7. Flirtatious Talk
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 A happy couple in love is one who not only still remembers how to flirt with each other but also happens to enjoy it. They’re still aware of how to woo, charm, and tease each other with words till other ‘talk-less-do-more’ activities grab their attention.

8. Take Time To Strip 

Granted, quickies can also be fun, but when you’re a happy couple, you like to take it slow on occasions. Taking that extra time to undress yourself and one another can really… heighten the experience, if you get my drift.

9. Shoulder Rub, Please!

9. Shoulder Rub, Please!
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 Probably the true secret to happiness, not enough can be said about the splendors of a good shoulder rub. Happy couples genuinely understand this much overlooked fact and take pleasure in this simple intimacy. They’re well aware that a relaxed mind and body can lead to truly great sex! It’s once those hands begin to wander that the true magic begins…

10. Indulge In Mood Lifters 

A couple that is happy and in love will never lightly dismiss that powerful spell the right kind of music and a glass full of red can weave. They don’t get bogged down by monotonous routines, and instead strive to build that romantic atmosphere that only serves to heighten the experience for both, their significant other as well as themselves. They’re smart cookies, alright.

That was our take on the top ten cute things happy couples in love unabashedly enjoy doing before getting down and dirty. Think you can add to the list? If so, let us know in the comments down below.

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