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Lingerie is one of the most crucial aspects of putting an outfit together and finding the perfect lingerie that complement your outfit often ends up being a task. We have an entire range of problems when it comes to panties. Which color to pick? Because you don’t want your panty to be visible underneath your dress or your pants. Which style to go for? Because you don’t want to spend the entire day bogged down by discomfort. Let’s be honest ladies, our undie issues definitely weigh us down. From finding the right shop to purchase it from, to finding the right size that will envelop our curves perfectly, there are a million questions that need to be answered before you zero in on your dream pair.

Since helping you get through fixes like these is our main job, we have come up with ways to fix your common underwear problems. So, say goodbye to all your panty problems now by making the following fixes-

Problem 1: Visible Panty Lines

You have that smoking hot, little black dress that you’ve always wanted to wear to a party and show off your hot bod. Every time you take it out of your wardrobe to try it on, your mind immediately goes to the dreadful but inevitable VPL and you immediately abandon the thought of wearing the dress to the party. Bodycon suits or dresses make you look amazing! If the only thing stopping you from wearing them is your panty lines then here’s the solution for it: Thongs! Yes, no matter what you wear over these, the lines will never become apparent. And if thongs make you feel uncomfortable, then opt for briefs which are bigger, full-cut, and have low leg openings. These will not become apparent under the snug clothes. Now, go pick that favorite dress and flaunt it.

Problem 2: Waistband Marks

Waistband Marks
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We hate those marks; it’s almost like an evidence that screams the fact that we are panty wearers. The only way to avoid getting those panty marks around your hips is to opt for panties that have heavy elastic rims. Opt for panties which have a high waist and contain stretchy spandex bands. These will not only help keep your panties in place but will also not leave behind any marks.

Problem 3: Bulges And Bumps

Bulges And Bumps
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If you are someone with a not-so-flat tummy and the panty you are using causes those visible bulges and bumps, then its time you toss them into the garbage. You need to find a panty that can act as a control panel for you. Hipsters or shaping underwear is the solution for this. It is going to shape your abdomen and hide all the bulges and give your curves the perfect shape.

Problem 4: Camel Toe

Camel Toe
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Women must be aware of it. It’s that problem wherein your underwear gets out of place and enters your nether regions causing you the utmost discomfort. Seamless panties usually have this problem. Since there are no seams in such panties, there’s nothing to hold them in place which is why they shift so much. In order to avoid this, opt for a panty which has a stretchy trim and has a little more surface area in the crotch area. There are special panties which are designed to counter this problem.

Problem 5: When They Fall Down

When They Fall Down
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If your panties are falling down, it can mean two things. One, you’ve bought a panty which is a size bigger than what you need; therefore, go for a smaller size the next time. Two, chances are that your underwear is pretty old and has lost its elasticity in the waistband and thigh area which is why it’s falling down. In such cases, go buy yourself a new pair of panties. Yes, the solution is as simple as this. Most of the times we just tend to not notice it.

Problem 6: White Pant Problems

White Pant Problems
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Of course, we know we are not supposed to wear any neon colored or black colored panties beneath our white pants. So, can we wear white panty instead? The answer is a big, fat no! The issue here is your skin. The white color of your underwear is going to contrast with the color of your skin which is going to make the white color of your panty stand out, yet again. The solution to this problem is to go for a nude-colored underwear. Pick a shade that goes best with your skin tone, or if you’re feeling a little adventurous, just go commando.

Problem 7: Sweating There

Sweating There
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Agreed, it’s not a glamorous topic to talk about. But it happens mainly if you are working out or engaging in a lot of physical activity. You are scared that you are sweating profusely down there, and it can be visible through your clothes. In such cases, we recommend you to opt for cotton undies. Or opt for underwear in a fabric that wicks moisture. Try wearing one of these and you will see the difference for yourself.

There! The solutions for most of the underwear problems are as simple as these. It’s the stigma attached to such issues that keeps us from asking others for suggestions or surfing the Internet for help. Do you know of any other underwear problems and their fixes? Let us know in the comments below.

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