This Is How To Check Your Health In Under A Minute With Only A Spoon

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So, you think that you are in perfect health? Never take a day off from work, do you? Well, I sincerely hope that you are right. But, sometimes, we tend to ignore our health check-ups and visits to the doctor’s because we assume that everything is alright with us. There is no sure shot way to know, is there? Well, today, I will let you in on a secret trick. This spoon hack can provide a basic diagnosis of what’s going on within your body. It really works!

What You Need

  • A spoon
  • Transparent plastic bag
  • Lamp (optional)
  • Your tongue!

What You Need To Do

Place the spoon on your tongue. Scrape the entire surface. When it is totally wet with your saliva, put it in the plastic bag and place it under a bright light. You can put it under a desk lamp or out in the sun. Keep it there for a minute. Check the spoon for stains and odors. If it is clear and odorless, your organs are doing great. But, if, heaven forbid, something smells or looks off, you need to visit the doctor immediately and get a full check-up done. Here’s how you can diagnose the issue:

There’s A Weird Odor Being Emitted From The Spoon? This Is What It Means

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  • If the odor is fruity and sweet-smelling, you may have diabetes. If the sugar in your body is not being processed properly, your body will emit ketones. These ketones make your breath smell fruity, and no matter how many times you brush or gargle, the metallic odor will linger. However, if you are on a low carb diet or a ketogenic diet, you need not worry, as it is a side affect experienced by many when transitioning to this diet.
  • If the spoon smells like ammonia, there may be a problem with your kidneys. A fishy smelling breath indicates kidney failure, and you must pay a visit to your doctor immediately.
  • If a strong, rotting smell is being emitted from the spoon, there may be a problem with your lungs. It may be a lung infection, or even cancer. The smell is much more potent than regular bad breath, and there will be no mistaking it.

There Are Weird Stains On The Spoon? This Is What It Means

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  • If there are purple stains on the spoon, you may have high cholesterol levels or poor blood circulation. You may even be suffering from bronchitis. When you have bronchitis, the efficiency of oxygen being delivered to the bloodstream is affected. This can cause a purple tint in your saliva.
  • If there are yellow or white stains on your tongue, along with a thick coating, you may have thyroid issues. The thyroid gland regulates the conversion of beta-carotene to vitamin A in the body. If there are any issues with the gland, the carotene will create a yellowish build-up in the saliva.
  • If there are white stains on the spoon, you may have a respiratory infection. There are many diseases that may lead to a white residue build-up in your saliva. Hence, it is very important to go and get checked immediately.
  • If the spoon has orange stains, take notice because it is a sign of kidney malfunction. When one suffers from kidney disease, the mouth tissues may become orange due to deposits of carotene-like substances. They may also turn pale because of anemia.

Here it is – a foolproof way of finding out whether or not you are suffering from any major diseases or infections. However, this hack should not be a replacement for your regular check-ups with the doctor. Do try this out and let us know what your spoon ended up like. Share this with your friends and family and make them aware of this mini diagnostic tool.

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