5 Bras That Will Make Your Breasts Look Perkier

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Most people believe gravity-defying, perkier breasts can only be gained through expensive and painful surgery. However, sometimes all you really need is to pay a visit to your local lingerie store.

I’m Not That Old, So Why Are My Breasts Sagging?

Sagging breasts can be blamed on elasticity loss, the brutal pull of gravity and, most importantly, your genes. According to NYC plastic surgeon, Ryan Neinstein, MD, “The strength and integrity of your breast tissue are primarily coded in your DNA, which comes from your parents (1).” Hence, as disturbing as it sounds, looking at your mother could give you a rough idea as to what the future holds for you and your breasts.

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Drastic changes in weight, it could be either loss or gain, could also potentially contribute to your presently less-than-perky breasts. So can dangerous habits such as smoking and frequent tanning, all of which could lead to a loss of skin elasticity (2, 3, 4).

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Another infamous culprit is breastfeeding, however, not for the same reasons you think. Neinstein explains, “As the milk-producing part of the breasts swell with breastfeeding, they stretch the tissues around them.” Hence, it’s these physiological changes—not the act of suction from your little one—that can lead to less-than-firm breasts at the end of nursing.

Reclaim The Perkiness Of Your Breasts With Smart Lingerie!

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Whatever the reason, if you find your girls looking somewhat down, a lift is probably what you desire. Though there isn’t yet a long-term way to hoist that bust up without surgery, a good bra is the next best thing. Confused as to where to start?

Don’t worry I have your back. If you find yourself lost, confused and somewhat intimidated by the vast number of distracting, frilly options your lingerie store has to offer, then here are 6 bras to look for that will surely have your girls up and perky in no time!

1. Underwire Bras

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You won’t find a more straightforward, to the point, boob-enhancing piece of lingerie like an underwire bra. Chances are, some of these fabulous modern day inventions are already essential pieces in your weekly bra rotation.

Fun Fact: Underwire bras actually gained recognition post-World War II. It’s from this very invention that oodles of bra designs, such as strapless bras, demi bras, and low plunging bras finally developed.

If it is a subtle and not too in-your-face, breast enhancing lift you’re searching for, then this is the perfect bra for you. It provides more than ample support, thereby ensuring your comfort while simultaneously giving you a nice shape for that fitted tee.

2. Push Up Bra

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Some would call this the most monumental invention in lingerie after the underwire bra. In terms of expectations, the pushup bra more than lives up to its name. It literally carries out the function you so desire—it pushes up your girls, making them sit nice and perky. Not only does it give your breasts the lift of your dreams, but it also boosts your size and pushes your cleavage a tad bit closer together.

3. Padded Bras

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If you’re looking for a good lift and a better shape, then padded bras are your answer. Basically, these bras come with molded or contoured fiberfill or foam padding that is built right into the bra’s cups itself.

This kind of bra usually comes with an underwire and is designed to provide a more natural enhancement and subtle life. It also smoothens away any sort of nipple definition.

Padded bras usually vary in the amount of padding they offer. In the market, you can find options ranging from light to medium to full on heavy padding. The padding location inside the bra cup shall also vary.

Some are padded at the sides while others at the bottom, it all boils down to the intended effect. If you’re aiming for a natural, subtle lift then opt for a bra with light padding on the bottom.

4. Silicone Bra Inserts

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Somewhat humorously nicknamed the “chicken fillet cutlets”, bra inserts composed of silicone are basically a sort of removable padding that you could insert into your bra to give your girls an instant lift and boost in shape.

If you’re pressed for money, then this is an especially cost-effective option for it wouldn’t require you to purchase a whole new lingerie closet. All you require is a set of silicone pads that you can insert in any of those old, comfy bras that you’d hate to part with.

5. Adhesive Breast Lifts

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If you happen to be a no-bra enthusiast, but sagging breasts are your number one nemesis then meet adhesive breast lifts—your new breast friend! (Pun intended). This latest innovation is made of a medical quality breast-lifting, adhesive tape that will stick onto the surface of your breasts and give your boobs a subtle lift, while you forego the discomforting confinement of a bra.

You don’t really need to go under the knife to reclaim the perkiness of your girls. Instead, invest in smart lingerie that has you not only feeling confident but also beautiful and sexy!

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