Have You Dismissed Camphor As A Traditional Ingredient? Wait! Here Are 11 Amazing Benefits That Will Make You Think Twice

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Camphor. What does this remind you of? I can think of its pungent, yet invigorating aroma. I can think of the soothing feel it has to it. I can think of Vicks Vaporub. Wondering where this is going? Let me clear your confusion. Camphor is famous for a plethora of reasons, apart from its religious uses in Hindu traditions. In fact, there is an edible variety of camphor too. I remember having great fun making laddus with my grandmother as a child, and that was when I got to know that camphor also had a culinary dimension. And yes, it is used in Vicks Vaporub. Among its diverse uses, I picked up the following 11 most useful uses of camphor for your hair, skin, and health.


1. Aids Hair Growth And Reduces Hair Fall

A regular massage with camphor oil mixed with any carrier oil, like coconut oil, almond oil, or even castor oil, boosts hair growth by strengthening the roots. Also, it reduces hair fall by curing issues like dandruff or any other bacterial and fungal infections on the scalp. The aroma of camphor is relaxing, and the cooling menthol-like effect that it has on the scalp calms you down. Camphor also solves the problem of bad odor on the scalp by eliminating the microbes that are causing it.

2. Rids You Of The Lice In Your Hair

Lice are a menace that many young girls have to deal with. Camphor comes to the rescue and spares us the discomfort and embarrassment caused by these nasty parasites. Add a piece of camphor to regular coconut oil and work this into your scalp. Make sure the camphor you have used is fresh. Also, see to it that you use the camphor mixed oil immediately, for, keeping them mixed for a longer time tends to neutralize the effect of camphor. Use this solution several times a week until the problem is solved. Keep combing your hair at regular intervals to avoid the accumulation of gunk on the hair, which is the root cause of the multiplication of lice.


3. Cures Fungal Infections In The Toenails

Camphor is one of those natural compounds that is full of antibacterial and antifungal properties. This is why it works very well for stubborn fungal infections like those in the toenails. It also reduces the itch that is caused by the fungal infection. Toenail fungus can be a recurrent problem if not nipped in the bud. Regular use of camphor on the toenails not only reduces the itch and infection but will also decrease the chances of its recurrence.

4. Treats Acne

Camphor has anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, it is very effective in reducing the redness and irritation that come with acne. For quick and efficient results, clean your face first and steam for 15-20 minutes before you apply camphor oil on the affected areas. Doing so will open the pores and helps it penetrate deep into the skin. And this will resolve the acne problem from its very roots, quite literally.

5. Fills Cracked Heels

5. Fills Cracked Heels
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Are your feet more prone to cracking? Cracked heels are not only an aesthetic shortcoming but are also painful and distressing. If you are tired of wearing shoes all the time to save your feet from cracking, use this remedy and ditch the shoes for good. To flaunt smooth and soft heels, soak your feet in lukewarm water. Clean the dead skin off and pat your feet dry. Rub generous amounts of camphor on the cracked parts. This will relieve all the pain from your tired feet and will also fill your cracked heels.

6. Heals Eczema

With eczema, come itching, pain, and irritation. Camphor oil can alleviate all these problems, and hence, the topical application of it can help in relieving eczema symptoms naturally. Many skin creams and medicinal ointments prescribed for the treatment of skin diseases, like eczema and psoriasis, contain camphor because of its healing properties. Avoid using large quantities on skin that is broken or damaged. Broken skin allows camphor oil to penetrate deeper than necessary. It could accumulate significant amounts of camphor inside your system, causing camphor poisoning.

7. Soothes Burns And Fades Burn Scars

Burns are not only painful, but they also keep reminding us of the painful incident again and again with the scars they leave behind. To soothe your skin soon after a minor burn, rub the mixture of camphor oil and coconut oil on your skin. This reduces the pain and inflammation. Continue using the oil blend until the scars fade away. It works equally well for stings and insect bites.


8. Replacement For OTC Ear Drops

8. Replacement For OTC Ear Drops
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The idea of oil trickling down your ear canal sounds gross, but camphor oil effectively expels all the microbes that are causing ear infection. It gives instant relief from the pain and gradually reduces the infection since it is antiseptic and an antimycotic (drugs that kill the fungus.)

9. Analgesic That Relieves Pain

Camphor, apart from having antifungal and antibacterial properties, also works as an analgesic (1). It operates on the nerve endings, stimulates them, and helps in alleviating pain. In fact, camphor is an FDA-approved analgesic and is declared to reduce pain when applied topically on the skin. The next time there’s a nagging ache in your body stopping you from focussing on your work, run some camphor oil on the painful area and bounce back to work within no time.

10. Works As A Decongestant

10. Works As A Decongestant
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Camphor is an excellent decongestant (2). If you rub a tiny amount of camphor on your chest, it will relieve chest congestion and cough. As I had mentioned at the start, camphor is a significant ingredient in the Vick Vaporub balm that works almost like a miracle to treat your congestion and cough. The next time you suffer from cold and cough, do not forget to rub some camphor on your chest.

11. Is A Terrific Antipruritic

Be it lice or dandruff in the hair, fungus in the toenail, or psoriasis in the scalp – there’s no escape from the itch. They are all different problems affecting various parts of the body, but this one thing common in all of them is the itch. Camphor has antipruritic effect (3). Simply put, it relieves the itch. If there is any infection in any part of the body that is causing uncontrollable itching, apply camphor oil for immediate relief. Be careful not to apply it to broken skin or open wounds.


So, that was all about camphor and its benefits. How many of you have used camphor to treat ailments naturally at home? Comment below and let me know what you used it for and how it helped you.

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