You Should Break These 7 Beauty Rules Right Away

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Remember those days when you raided your mom’s wardrobe and her makeup kit? This was probably the only time most of us broke beauty rules. As we grew up, we started following trends and beauty standards set by people who don’t even know what looks good on you on a personal, one-on-one level. We blindly tend to follow what others (especially the Instagram beauty experts) follow. Enough has been said, written, and taught about beauty rules and now it’s time to think outside the box for a while. After all, rules are made so that they can be broken in the best way, aren’t they?

One of the most important things while breaking rules is not to get caught. You’ve got to pick your fashion games and break the rules only if you think you can pull it off. We’ve got you a list of seven beauty rules that you can break with confidence and maybe walk all over it. Read on to know more.

1. “Always Use Brushes To Apply Makeup”

Well, who said that? Professionals consider the brush rule as a golden one but yes, you can break it. Applying makeup with your fingers will help in better blending because of itswarmth. But make sure you wash your fingers clean and also use a sanitizer before touching your face. Dirty fingers can invite skin infections and acne attacks to your precious face. Also, you can use beauty blenders to apply your makeup. They work pretty well for liquid foundations and concealers even though they are a bit pricey.

2. “Either The Lips Or The Eyes”

Either The Lips Or The Eyes
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We’ve always heard fashionistas say that dramatic eye makeup and bold lip colors don’t go well together. We think none of this matters as long as you know how to rock the look. So, go ahead and paint your lips red even if you’ve done the smokey eye makeup.

3. “Wash Your Hair Every Day”

Wash Your Hair Every Day
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Some people believe that washing their hair every day keeps them clean and shiny. This is quite misleading because over washing your hair will rip the natural oils and moisture from your scalp and hair strands. If you work out every day and come home with a sweaty and dusty scalp, wash your hair with just the conditioner. Also, rinsing your hair and scalp with diluted apple cider vinegar is a healthy alternative instead of using a shampoo every day.

4. “Curl Your Lashes Before Applying The Mascara”

Curl Your Lashes Before Applying The Mascara
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Curling your eyelashes before applying the mascara is a pretty common and popular makeup rule. However, it’s not quite true when people say that the curling has to be done only before you apply the mascara. The second round of curling after applying the mascara will help your lashes look curlier. Also, this makes the curl last longer, especially if you’re using waterproof mascara. The key point here is to do the second round of curling gently. If you’re not gentle with your mascara-coated lashes, you might damage them.

5. “Use The Lip Liner Only To Line”

Use The Lip Liner Only To Line
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Lip Liners are called so for a reason — but we don’t see how that reason makes sense when lip liners can do so much more. Once your lipstick or gloss wears off by the end of the day, your lips can look utterly weird with just the liner on. This is because liners often stay on for a longer period than lipsticks and glosses. To avoid this, use your lip liner to not just line but also fill in a light base layer on your lips before applying the lipstick or gloss. This way, the base layer will stay put even if your outer lipstick layer wears off.

6. “Conceal Every Spot And Every Mark”

Conceal Every Spot And Every Mark
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As the fashion trends are moving towards the “natural” or no makeup look, the overly done concealing is far left behind. Nobody wants to look like an air-brushed model on the billboard. Not covering every single mark on your face will help you enhance the natural look of your skin. Freckles and moles are all beautiful if you know how to carry them. So, use the concealer only to conceal what you don’t like to be shown and flaunt your flaws like they are glitters.

7. “Men’s Products Are Only For Men”

Men’s Products Are Only For Men
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No no — that’s not true and you’d agree with us if you’ve ever used your boyfriend’s beard wax to lift up your eyebrows. It’s time to play the “what’s yours is mine” card and try out your guy’s products for a change. If you’ve got curly hair, mix a bit of his hair gel with some water and apply it on your locks to enhance the curls. Also, you can use his shaving cream on your legs if you’re out of yours.

These are just a few of the many beauty rules that you can break. Beauty, fashion, and makeup are all overlapping areas that welcome experiments as much as they welcome rules. In fact, successful experiments are basically what lead to trends, isn’t it? Which beauty rule do you often break? Let us know in the comments section below.

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