10 Astonishing Uses Of Chapstick That Will Make You Always Have One In Your Handbag

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Minimalistic. Isn’t that a whole world in a word? People who like having some life hacks up their sleeves (like me) are that. Minimal, yet resourceful. In this game, I have discovered one thing that could be used for quite a lot of stuff apart from what it is made for – chapstick. It fits into even the smallest of the bags and purses you have. Taking it along with you in your handbag will keep you equipped for more things than you thought. Don’t believe me? Read what else you can do with your chapstick apart from softening your lips with it.

1. Get Hold Of Those Baby Hairs

Just when almost everything else looks perfect, there are these little baby hairs sticking out all over the place. In fact, the most tedious part of grooming your hair is to tame those flyaways because they have the potential to ruin your look. Of course, hairsprays and gels can do the trick, but you don’t carry them with you wherever you go. Just in case you want to sneak into the restroom and do a slight touch up, pick that chapstick up and remember to use it sparingly (so that you don’t make your hair too oily.)

2. Use It To Glide Things In Easily

2. Use It To Glide Things In Easily
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Sometimes, our earrings don’t glide into the holes, and sometimes, it is the nose pin that becomes a nuisance. Sometimes, things like finger rings don’t want to come off. To solve these issues once and for all, use your lip balm. Apply a tiny bit on the stuck piece of jewelry, and what would otherwise take ages will be done in seconds – that too without any pain or discomfort. Last minute girls who dress up wherever there’s a mirror, don’t forget the chapstick. You could use it in more ways than you thought you could.

3. Shoe Bite? Lip Balm To The Rescue

3. Shoe Bite Lip Balm To The Rescue
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The funny thing with shoes is that they bite harder than mosquitoes. They get old and are ready to be thrown away anytime, and yet they bite like those brand new ones. Well, you can’t ask them to behave themselves anyway. Just scoop some balm from the chapstick and apply it on the areas that are prone to shoe bites. This will reduce the friction caused between your skin and the shoes and prevent those shoe bites.

4. Make It A Part Of Your Hair Coloring Kit

4. Make It A Part Of Your Hair Coloring Kit
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Chapstick and hair color? They don’t seem to be going together, do they? No, they do. Do you often manage to stain your ears and the nape with the dye while coloring your hair? Good, I spread it all over my forehead too. It never stops at the hairline. The next time you plan on coloring your hair, glide your chapstick over the hairline in the front and the back. Now, even if you want to paint your forehead burgundy, you can’t.

5. Save Some For The Rainy Day

5. Save Some For The Rainy Day
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Chapstick is hydrophobic. Use it to your advantage though. You could waterproof your canvas shoes if you seem to have chosen a rainy day to wear them. Of course, this is going to work for drizzles and not storms. We are talking about shoes anyway, so let me tell you that you could use chapstick to make your old, dusty leather shoes shine. A revamp with just a tiny little amount of balm.

6. Tame Your Eyebrows

Groomed eyebrows make an unimaginably huge difference. If something has come up and you want to look groomed but can’t fit in a parlor session before the event, smudge some lip balm across the eyebrows. It will make them look groomed pretty much like how an eyebrow wax does. The arches will look defined, and the extra grown hair will look less messy.

7. Keep One For That Nagging Nausea

7. Keep One For That Nagging Nausea
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I know that rather sounds far-fetched. But no, it is not. Whether you are battling pregnancy-related morning sickness or in general, make sure you have a chapstick that has lemon essential oil in it. Lemon solving your nausea issues is not just a myth. It is backed by scientific research that says lemon can, in fact, be effective in reducing nausea and vomiting (1).

8. Add Some Gloss To Your Eyes

8. Add Some Gloss To Your Eyes
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Swipe some chapstick on your eyes before you apply the eye shadow. If your skin is too dry or if you want that extra creamy shine look, this will work absolutely fine. Here, you could actually experiment with different lip balm colors. Think of a gold lip balm with a dark brown liner. That metallic finish with the sleek brown line will just slay it!

9. Best Alternative For Cuticle Oil

9. Best Alternative For Cuticle Oil
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If you ran out of your cuticle oil or balm, the chapstick is the alternative you should opt for. It will take care of the chapping and the peeling instantly. The base used for the cuticle balm and the chapstick is the same – bees wax. Also, things like cocoa butter and essential oils that go into the preparation of some chapsticks will give the same moisturizing and healing effects and relieve the discomfort.

10. Make Candles Out Of Your Chapstick

Candles out of chapstick! I would have never thought of it. But imagine the two of you are out on a long drive and suddenly decide to stop somewhere. There’s food, and there’s a super serene location. You just need one candle to make it a perfect impromptu candle light dinner. So, dig into that bag and bring the chap out. You will need just one more thing for the fire to start burning. And that is either some cotton twined in the form of a wick or a cotton swab. Anything indeed that can catch fire and can be inserted into the chapstick. It will last you quite a while. Make sure you apply some balm on the cotton before you light it.

Do you need more reasons than these to make sure you have a chapstick in your bag always? Do you have anything else to add to the list, any more creative non-lip benefits we could exploit from the chapstick? Feel free to bring them on in the comments section below.

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