#BreakThePattern: 5 Amazing Gifts To Give Your Brother This Raksha Bandhan

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It’s hard not to consider yourself lucky when you’ve grown up with a brother. Sure, you’ve had your share of differences – with him being a bossy know-it-all (as most brothers are), and with you being his annoying and relentless tail. But you can’t deny that older brothers are a source of endless fun and are always ready to help you out of a tight spot!.

I mean, who else are you going to thank for your top-notch taste in music, the fact that you’d had your very own bodyguard at school, and for your outstanding argumentative skills?

Alright, maybe not literally “thank” him, because some things are better left unsaid. But, you can show how much you love and appreciate your bro by breaking the pattern and surprising HIM with a gift this Raksha Bandhan instead. To help you surpass any gift that he’s ever got you, we’ve put together a list of 5 rocking gift ideas that brother dearest is sure to love.

1. Why A Rakhi When You Can Get Him A Watch?

1. Why A Rakhi When You Can Get Him A Watch

Few things feel as good as watching your brother sport his rakhi with pride. But after days of it collecting grime and hanging by its last threads on his wrist, he’s left with no choice but to untie it. So, why not give him something a little more permanent to sport? Timepieces are like a window to a man’s personality, and no one knows your brother better than you do. They are a time-honored and elegant gift, and let’s face it, there is no such thing as too many watches when it comes to men. You can choose one that is sleek enough to never get in the way while being perfectly capable of reflecting your brother’s personality! We’re really digging the minimal vibes of the latest Swatch SKIN Collection. Our recommendation? Go check it out!

2. A Man With A Swiss Army Knife Is A Man With Solutions

Men love things that are practical and handy, and nothing is practical and handy like a Swiss Army Knife! You can be sure that this baby is going to keep his fancy for more than just a short while. (Boys and their toys, am I right?) Whether he needs to cut a wire, open a bottle, carve his initials into a tree or just whittle when he is bored, there is no doubting that a Swiss Army knife will become your brother’s new best friend and full-time companion. And he will have only you to thank for it.

3. A New “Lucky” Wallet

3. A New “Lucky” Wallet
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A wallet is an absolute essential for any man, and your brother is no different! A bespoke wallet with his initials engraved will make for an excellent gift, and will give your brother the perfect excuse to pull out his wallet the next time the two of you are out shopping! And since Raksha Bandhan is all about tradition, you should know that it is an age-old tradition to put money in a wallet when gifting it to someone. They say it ensures that the wallet is never empty.

4. Smells Like Sibling Spirit

4. Smells Like Sibling Spirit
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No one else will know how gross and smelly your brother can get because no one else had to grow up with him. And so, getting your brother a good cologne might make for a great and light-hearted gift idea. Men love trying out new scents and, more often than not, it takes the expert opinion of a woman to steer them in the right direction. Maybe refining his tastes when it comes to the finer things in life can be your way of paying him back for your awesome taste in music, which he takes credit for.

5 . Unleash His Hidden Fanboy

5 . Unleash His Hidden Fanboy
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Harry Potter, The Avengers, or Game of Thrones, if your brother is part of any kind of fandom, then you just can’t go wrong with this gift! We’re all suckers for original merchandise from our favorite shows or books, and your brother will, no doubt, be as gleeful as a five-year-old when he opens his present.

#BreakThePattern this year and shower your brother with all the pampering that he deserves. It will be your turn to don a smug and all-knowing smile while you switch roles this Raksha Bandhan. Show your brother how much he means to you (without having to actually say it out loud, of course!) by getting him something he’s going to cherish for years to come.

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