With Only 3 Tablespoons A Day, You Will Lose Belly Fat And Lower Cholesterol!!

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Weight loss isn’t exactly rocket science.

But it sure as hell can feel like it at times.

Every day, we’re bombarded online with news of new alleged ‘miracle’ ways of finally shedding those summer love handles or sculpting the body of your dreams. And every day, despite your better judgment, despite the bitter, acrid taste of your last diet fad failure still lingering at the back of your throat – you give in.

And fail. Once again.

There is no wonder pill or magic spell to simply evaporate those extra pounds out of existence. However, there is an easy and hassle-free method of stacking the odds in your favor in your fight against fat. All you need to do is take the aid of Mother Nature. Or to be less cryptic – garlic and some red wine. Complemented by healthy eating habits and some physical activity, this concoction (that we will get to, patience, people!) can make all the difference between friends wondering whether you actually lost weight or simply adopted a new hairstyle to people commending you on your remarkable, honest-to-God physical transformation.

 Exactly, this trick is just that kind of awesome.

What’s So Great About Garlic Anyway?

 Oh boy, this pungent bulb is so going to take you by surprise.

When it comes to superfoods, garlic is a true hero. Before the invention of steroids, in ancient times, people used garlic to fight fatigue and boost the work capacity of laborers. In fact, in ancient Greece, garlic was administered to Olympic athletes (1). Even today, we widely acknowledge it as the original “performance enhancer”.

Studies have proven the wisdom of the old. Heart disease patients, who volunteered to take garlic oil for 6 weeks, showed a 12% reduction in their peak heart rate along with a significant improvement in their exercise capacity (2). Another study also suggested that garlic could be successfully used to reduce the fatigue induced by exercise (3).

But that’s not all. Garlic has also been shown to decrease your LDL (read: bad) cholesterol. Volunteers who took garlic supplementation were found to have a 10-15% fall in their total, or specifically, LDL cholesterol levels (4).

If that wasn’t enough, studies also prove that garlic can help decrease blood pressure (5). High blood pressure is one of the biggest factors contributing to heart disease, the leading killer in the world. In fact, in one study where garlic extracts were given at 600 to 1,500 mg dose to high blood pressure patients, it was found that over 24 weeks, garlic was almost as effective as Atenolol, a popular drug prescribed for high blood pressure.

Bonus? Garlic has also been shown to boost our immune system and help reduce the frequency of colds by a whopping 63% in comparison to placebos (6). And, to top it all, garlic also happens to be brimming with the goodness of antioxidants that, in combination with its blood pressure and cholesterol reducing powers, can potentially prevent Alzheimer’s disease (7).

Ok, Fine. But Red Wine, Seriously?

Ok, Fine. But Red Wine, Seriously
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 Red wine is another powerful, natural remedy that can be a potent treatment for many ailments. However, when used in combination with garlic, the medicinal properties are instantly quadrupled.

Recently, according to two new studies conducted by Harvard Medical School and Washington State University, indulging in 2 glasses of red wine right before bed can actually help you lose weight! Now that is something I could definitely cheer to.

The researchers explain that red wine contains a polyphenol by the name of resveratrol, which helps transform your ‘white fat’ to something known as ‘beige fat’, which is far more easy to burn off. The study found that women who consumed no more than 2 glasses of good old red wine per day were 70% less likely to be overweight in contrast to their abstinent peers (8).

I’m Sold! Now Tell Me How To Make This Awesomeness

Now that you know the amazing, fat busting powers of both garlic and red wine, why not combine them? Prepare this drink that will not only help boost your immunity, cleanse the blood, and improve your cardiovascular as well as neurological health but also help accelerate that lagging metabolism like nothing else.


  • Red wine – 1/2 liter
  • Garlic cloves – 12


  1. Peel and finely cut the garlic cloves and then place them in a glass mason jar.
  2. Proceed to pour in the red wine.
  3. Seal the jar and leave it under the sun for 2 weeks. Occasionally, give the jar a good shake.
  4. Once 2 weeks are up, strain the concoction and store your wine in an opaque glass bottle.

Drink a teaspoon of this concoction thrice a day for an entire month. Repeat 6 months later and prepare to be amazed.

This remedy will help boost your weight loss efforts like nothing you’ve ever seen before. But in the meantime, don’t forget to continue with clean, healthy eating habits and moderate exercise. Best of luck!

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