Skin Care Routine Dos And Don’ts While Gymming

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We are not lazy, but the two things that feel like mammoth tasks are skincare and going to the gym. . When you finally undertake the challenge of consistently catering to these two activities, you will encounter a few setbacks in your path. This is when you finally enroll yourself in a gym and get recharged with the starter pack enthusiasm that lasts for a month (or a few weeks)! Nevertheless, you must have noticed that the serum and moisturizer you pasted on your face before walking to the gym did not help prevent acne. This is because, once you are working out, your skin excretes all the toxins and sweat out of the pores. This needs to be washed out rather than sealed in by makeup or beauty products. Here are some healthy skincare habits to adapt to while gymming.

1. Wash Your Face After Workout

Washing your face after a workout is essential, regardless of whether you wear makeup to the gym or not. You must have noticed a burning sensation when you are exercising. It is the heat generated from burning all the calories, and it needs to cool down with the help of water. Washing also helps to remove germs and sweat residue and keep blood vessels from breaking.

2. Keep Some Toner Pads In Your Bag At All Times

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Many dermatologists recommend using toning pads with active chemicals like salicylic acid or glycolic acid for people who have oily skin. It helps to remove excess dirt and oils after working out. Sweat from the back of the neck and chest can also be removed using toning pads.

3. The Exercise Towels Should Be Washed Every Day

The Exercise Towels Should Be Washed Every Day
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You never know when the towels at your gym were cleaned, let alone what detergent was used while washing the towel. An allergic reaction might occur if you’re not used to the detergent. You should bring your own towels and wiping cloths and thoroughly clean them after each use. Fluffy and thicker towels should be avoided since bacteria might cling to them even after being cleaned.

4. Don’t Touch Your Face At The Gym

Don't Touch Your Face At The Gym
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A gym is a hub for pathogens and perspiration from other people. The moment you touch your face, you welcome germs into your body. Pull your hair back throughout your workout to avoid hairspray and oils touching your skin. After your workout, use toner wipes to clean your face gently after washing it with a mild face wash.

5. Use An Antiperspirant Roll-On

Use An Antiperspirant Roll-On
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When you’re working out, it’s normal to perspire a lot. Using an antiperspirant roll-on ensures that your underarms are not a breeding ground for bacteria and other germs.

6. Keep Your Hair Tied

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Never work out with your hair on your face. Even if it’s short, clip it back. To avoid clogging pores and breakouts on the forehead, it is best to tie your hair before an exercise.

7. Cleanse The Equipment

Cleanse The Equipment
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Avoid touching your face when working out because your hands are likely to be contaminated. Before utilizing any gym equipment, cleanse it with a disinfectant and bring your own clean towel.

8. Keep A Safe Distance From Everyone

Keep A Safe Distance From Everyone
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The golden rule of social distance is as important as it was before. Keeping a distance of six feet or more from people is essential. The transmission of sickness or bacteria can be prevented if you bring your own personal hygiene supplies.

9. Don’t Shampoo Everyday

Don't Shampoo Everyday
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It is essential to shower every day, but do not shampoo every day after the gym. This will only wreck your hair strands and make it wear off. Ensure you wash it out and keep it as clean and airy as possible. You can invest in mild shampoo and apply it every alternative day.

10. Change Your Clothes After Workout

Change Your Clothes After Workout
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No matter how comfortable you are in your gym wear, do not attempt to wear it longer than you have to. Your gym clothes soak up sweat and toxins from your body, and wearing them for long or rubbing them on the face can lead to breakouts or acne.

11. Let Your Skin Breathe

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Exercising while allowing your skin to breathe is a great idea. When you get out of the gym, thoroughly cleanse your face and use a light moisturizer with active ingredients. Dermatologists suggest applying a water-based sunscreen regardless of whether you’re outside or at a building with many windows.

So now that you know why applying skincare products is a huge no-no before and during gymming, you will be able to maintain healthy skin even through a stannous workout. The trick is to keep your pores clean and let your skin perspire well. Most gyms are built in enclosed spaces which makes it challenging for your body to cool down. Ensure that you do not skip the shower and attend to your skin after returning home. So, do you have any special tricks for maintaining healthy skin after a workout? Let us know in the comments section!

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