Yuvan Shankar Raja Marriage: Third Time Lucky?

Yuvan Shankar Raja, the youngest son of the legendary music composer Ilaiyaraaja, started showing interest in music right from an early age. He started his formal career in music composition in the year 1996, at the age of 16, making him one of the youngest film composers ever. In spite of the success he has seen in his music career, Yuvan’s love life has been a tumultuous one with two failed Yuvan Shankar Raja marriage ‘adventures’. He got married the third time after converting to Islam and except his sister, no one else from his family attended the wedding.

Yuvan Shankar Raja Marriage - Yuvan Shankar Raja

Yuvan Shankar Raja – The 2nd Gen Music Composer

Yuvan Shankar Raja was born in the year 1979 to music composer Ilaiyaraaja and his late wife Jeeva Rajayya. With his father being a professional musician, it came as no surprise that Yuvan started showing keen interest in music right at an early age. With encouragement from his mother, Yuvan took up composing music as his full-time career, and delivered his first commercial composition with the Tamil film Aravindhan in the year 1996. He was just 16 then. Although he did not taste success in the first attempt, over time Yuvan honed his skills well to carve a place for himself in the Indian film industry, and today is one of the most sought after music composer in the country. With such ‘blue blood’, a Yuvan Shankar Raja marriage was eminent. as Jane Austen pointed out.

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Yuvan Weds Sujaya – The First Yuvan Shankar Raja Marriage

Yuvan Shankar Raja Marriage - Yuvan Weds Sujaya

Yuvan established a name for himself in the music industry by 2002, and had developed his own fan following. While on a music tour in London in the year 2002, he met Sujaya Chandran, an aspiring musician. Sujaya and Yuvan started off as friends and it is said that he would frequently visit London to meet her, while she would make regular trips to Chennai to meet him. Their friendship blossomed into love and after nearly three years of courtship the couple decided to get married. The Sujaya Chandran Yuvan Shankar Raja marriage happened on 21st March, 2005 in Chennai. It is said though that the couple already had a secret registered marriage in London in 2003, and it was only in 2005 that they decided to have a formal wedding after taking their respective parents’ consent.

Yuvan and Sujaya’s wedding was a star-studded one and attended by Tamil film industry bigwigs. Both bride and bridegroom were decked up in traditional Tamil wedding attire, and Yuvan’s entire family was present at the wedding and the subsequent reception. Both Yuvan and Sujaya surely looked elated on their nuptial day.

The Discord

In spite of their palpable love and long courtship, things did not work out well for the Sujaya Chandran Yuvan Shankar Raja marriage. Within a year the marriage, the pair slowly stated growing apart. It was said that things reached a point where Yuvan and Sujaya would not even look each other eye to eye. In an interview in 2014, Yuvan shared that his marriage, in fact, fell apart in just three months. By 2007, the couple filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences.” They were granted a divorce in February 2008, and the pair officially parted ways.

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The Second Yuvan Shankar Raja Marriage

Yuvan Shankar Raja Marriage - Yuvan Weds Shilpa

Yuvan concentrated on his work thereafter but it is said that after his divorce, his parents started looking for another girl for their son. Somewhere in 2011 is when Yuvan’s parents met Shilpa Mohan, a B. Pharm graduate and they decided that she would be the right girl for Yuvan. Talks were fruitful, date was fixed and the second Yuvan Shankar Raja marriage, to Shilpa went through on 1st September, 2011 at Tirupati. This time it was an extremely low-key affair due to the fact that it was Yuvan’s second wedding. Only close friends and family members were invited to this ceremony, and even big names from the Tamil film industry were kept out of it. Later, when Yuvan was quizzed about his second marriage by the media he acknowledged that his first marriage was a failure, and that he found Shilpa to be quite compatible. But things weren’t that rosy after all, and just three years after the second Yuvan Shankar Raja marriage, his second wedding took the same path, which his first one had taken. Due to unknown reasons, Yuvan and Shilpa separated in late 2013, and filed for divorce, which they were apparently granted by late 2014. While it is not known about the exact reasons why the marriage fell apart, in an interview Yuvan shared that he spends too much time at work, and acceded to the point that maybe he didn’t give enough time to the relationship. By the end of his second divorce, it was reported that Yuvan was already looking for a third life partner. He even went on to share in an interview in 2014 that he was looking forward to get married again and have a family. A third Yuvan Shankar Raja marriage, anyone?

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Yuvan’s Third Marriage

Yuvan Shankar Raja Marriage - Yuvan Marries Jaffrunnisha

In early 2014, it was reported that Yuvan had converted to Islam. It was said that he went ahead with it in spite of his father’s opposition. Not much is known about his decision up till mid-2014, when he spoke about it in an interview. He shared that since his mother’s sudden demise in 2011, he had grown mentally disturbed and depressed. Over a period of time, due to a series of events, he found solace in Islam and decided to convert despite his father’s objection to it. He added that his brother and sister-in-law have been supportive of his decision though.

It was eventually in late 2014, that Yuvan found his bride in Jaffrunnisha, a Malaysia-based designer. It is said that Yuvan did not inform his family about his intention of getting married the third time till two days before the actual Jaffrunnisha Yuvan Shankar Raja marriage.

Yuvan Shankar Raja Marriage - Yuvan Shankar Raja Marriage - Yuvan And Jaffrunnisha During The Wedding

Yuvan and Jaffrunnisha got married in January 2015. Again, it was an extremely low-key affair where no one from the Tamil industry was invited. It is said that only select family members were invited for the wedding. Eventually, only Yuvan’s sister Bhavatharini turned up for the wedding. No other family member from Yuvan’s side attended the wedding. In an interview later, Bhavatharini gave an explanation for it stating that Yuvan shared his wedding plans just two days before marriage and that made it difficult for everyone to suddenly attend the wedding. She also shared that this Yuvan Shankar Raja marriage was an arranged marriage since Yuvan wanted to get married to a girl from a Muslim family. Apparently, he had asked his friends to look for a suitable match that’s how his wedding with Jaffrunnisha was arranged. Very little is known about Jaffrunnisha except that she resided in Malaysia but was a native of Tamil Nadu. Yuvan’s sister was supportive of her brother’s decision to get hitched the third time, and stressed that his happiness is their family’s priority. When she was quizzed about the absence of Yuvan’s father Ilaiyaraaja, she clarified that their father was out of town.

Overall, the third Yuvan Shankar Raja marriage was a silent affair, a far cry from the festivities of his first one.

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Life Since Then

Yuvan Shankar Raja Marriage - Yuvan And Jaffrunnis Captured By The Press, And Inset Yuvan With HIs Newborn Daughter

The couple were blessed with a baby girl on 7th April, 2016. Coincidentally, 7th April also happens to be Yuvan’s late mother Jeeva Rajayya’s birthday. Yuvan was definitely elated on becoming a father, and shared his joy with his fans via Twitter. It is said that Yuvan and his father Ilaiyaraaja have reached a level of bonhomie, and things are quite good for Yuvan on the family front. We hope things always remain joyful for Yuvan and his family and wish him the best.

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