10 Youtube Updo Hairstyles To Inspire You

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In search of a stylish ‘do but find yourself in a time crunch? Relax. All of us want to have trendy hairstyles, but then don’t have either the time or the right knowledge to get them! So, what can be done?

Well, we have come up with top ten Youtube updo hairstyles, which will leave you looking effortlessly chic in no time at all. Would you like to check them out? Go ahead!

1. Kayley Melissa:

Faux Mohawk Updo:


Perfect for long to medium length hair, this feminine fauxhawks (faux Mohawk) updo might be more of your cup of tea in case you are trendy and edgy. In the video, the fauxhawk is created on the base of an inverted braid that has been pulled at to create the messy loops. The colour, the texture, and the volume are absolutely in Melissa’s chic nature.

2. Luxy Hair:

Double Braid Bun:


Leyla from Luxy Hair calls this hairstyle quick and easy, and based on how simple it was for us to recreate this look ourselves; we’d have to agree with her. For the style, simply divide your hair into two rope ponytails. Take the rope braid from your back right and lay it up and over, secure it with strong-holding bobby pins as you go. Repeat on the other side. So, when you put them together, it’s a truly beautiful thing!

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3. Claire Ashley:

French Braid Bun:


Chic yet adorable, Claire Ashley’s French braid bun is a whimsical style that can be thrown together with ease. French braid the hair and wrap it around like a regular bun. The finished product? A bun with plenty of detail that is feminine and trendy. It’s the go-to bun for fancier occasions.

4. User – Bebexo:

Classic Bridal Updo:


Easy and elegant, this classic bridal updo on user Bebexo looks divine. For the look that lasts all night; simply part your hair from ear to ear; lift the back section, give a twist and secure against head with the use of bobby pins. Add a few rhinestone pins for some subtle sparkle.

5. The Beauty Department:

Short Hair Chignon:


The model looks gorgeous with her shimmery blonde locks worn in a chic chignon with a sparkly headband. If you’re looking for a romantic short up’do for a special event, a chignon is a great choice as it is classy and easy to style. Section out bangs and create a loose, oval-shaped bun and secure it at the nape of your neck. Finish off this glamorous look with a sparkly headband, and you’re done!

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6. Wendy’s Lookbook:

Messy French Twist:


When elegance is a must, then consider Wendy’s gorgeous messy French Twist. For the look, use your teasing brush or comb to gently backcomb the top section of hair underneath and pull it back, ensuring the volume stays in place at the front. Twist your hair up from the nape of the neck and bring it up to the top of your head. Secure with hair pins and hairspray. Want to glitz it up? Accessorise with a chic headband!

7. Dulce Candy:

Easy Updo:


Timelessly chic, the versatile hairdo is our favourite and works on all of us. Dulcy Candy looks gorgeous with her long locks done up in a sleek and stylish bun. If you have medium to super-long hair, you can create a voluminous bun by pulling it into a high ponytail and then winding it into a tight bun. Secure your bun with discreet pins for a polished look, and set it with a light hairspray for a sleek finishing touch. The easy updo is a great second-day style for curly hair that has been blown out or straightened!

8. Loepsie:

The Sock Bun:


Hottie Loepsie schools us all on how to sculpt the perfect double socks buns. The quirky hairdo is easy to create at home and suits a wide variety of occasions. Section out bangs, part the hair in the centre and brush the hair up to the top of the head using a tail comb. Brush any loose hair up towards the ponytail. Twist the ponytail and curl it into a bun, and then pin in place using hair grips. Repeat on the other side. For a soft, whimsical look, embrace your hair’s natural texture and let your flyaway hairs remain untamed and fuzzy. You can even buy a sock bun hairpiece to save yourself the time and effort!

9. Cherry Dollface:

Beehive Bouffant:


When you think of vintage beehive, images of backcombing and clouds of hairspray spring to mind. Cherry Dollface has a different take on things. In the above youtube hair updo, she’ll show off a beehive technique that involves no hairspray. The youtuber looks striking with her quirky beehive bouffant. This gravity-defying up’do is all about sexy volume, so start by backcombing your hair. Remember, instead of combing hair from root to tip, backcombing involves combing hair towards the roots. Sure, you’re going to sacrifice a bit of height, but this version won’t damage your hair, and it looks a little bit modern.

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10. Mr. Kate:

Milkmaid Braids:


If there’s one thing we can’t get enough of, it’s people who aren’t afraid to throw traditional tousled waves out the window and don a hairstyle that’s a little more on the daring side. Take youtuber Kate, who we spied sporting milkmaids braid with a fishy twist. Romantic but messy, Kate wrapped a perfect plait around the crown of her head and kept her face-framing bangs in front for a less severe look.

Give our Youtube updo hairstyles a go – these are definitely the hair ‘dos we know you’ll love! And give us your feedback. There is a comment box below!

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